BOOK REVIEW : Love Across the Borders

The story begins with introduction of Shitiz, a loved celebrity chef hosting a cookery show, faints. He is diagnosed with cancer and told earlier to quit smoking and alcohol. He being a loner and depressed with his life and lack of love continues to consume them, finally is left with a month in hand. He requests his doctor to meet the only person he wants to see, meet before he dies Shadia. He claims she is "the love" of his life (though he had many affairs after the failure of his one-sided love in school).

The day she meets Shadia she is all sorry for everything that happened to him and his current state (here the sympathy can be understood by the reader) and decides to keep him in her house and look after him. The amazing thing is she falls in love with him immediately as she brings him home (really, is that not pity? how can you just fall in love with someone within seconds???)

However, after this both are eager to know what happened to each other during the years that had gone by. So they each tell the story. Here is where the masala of the story begins wherein there are naxalites, man eaters, ragging, women in Shitizi's life and the love story of the unusual man in Shadia's life. All I can say is its a story with a combination of spices.

Shitiz of course now doesn't want to die at the appearance of Shadia and her love in his life. After all this was the prize after all struggle during all the crisis in his life. So will he die? To know more read the story.

The Verdict:
Positives: Every masala was added in small proportion and therefore it was the right mix without an overdose of anything. The best part was when the lead character tries to analyse his own situation and sends a message of giving due importance to career/studies and love at appropriate times in life. A mix masala story. 

Negatives: Shadia's sudden love for Shitiz seems out of the blue. The language is casual and the way of writing too. There was a lot of scope for better narration of the same story.

The Readers Cosmos Cut: Read it for a light read. 


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