Friday, 27 December 2013

Destined Lives - Journey till the Start

Sassi, a 9 years old girl from Darjeeling, land of extensive tea plantations finds solace and love in the company of lollipop giver Mohanty Babu more than her parents. When she was sent to hostel and Mohanty ascertains, he vanishes from there... never to return. Sassi takes an oath to forget the past yet tries to sketch his face multitudinously, but in vain. 
She goes to Sikkim on a student exchange program where she meets Veer, a tall handsome guy with a husky voice and charismatic eyes and above all an Army Officer who was never destined to be a part of her life. 
Delhi embraces the wounded Sassi with open arms, where Raj enters her life as a flatmate only to soon discover that this was no coincidence. It was a well planned script by fate which began in 1965 and had its roots laid down in the failed mission where nuclear device was lost in Nanda Devi Peaks.

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