Sunday, 2 March 2014

Moonlit Matinee…And love takes over

Firstly a hearty congratulations to all the authors who came up with 14 awesome stories.
The first story “BON VOYAGE” by Harshita Srivastava :  The story revolves around the fact that people realises someones value when they are gone, the same was the case of aakash who fell in love with khushi.I liked its ending and it definitely had a nice plot.
The second story “EMPTINESS” by Pulkit Gupta:  The story evolves around a guy Rachit who loves to explore places and on one such visit meets Radhika, and will their love for nature bind them together or not.I loved the plot and the story.
The third story “RASGULLA” by Abhishek ‘Atul’ : The story revolves around Aniket and Rhea who meet when Flight AIR 26 to New Delhi is delayed and start taking about their life.The end where actually Rasgulla was used was too good.this story touched my <3  so I will say this is my favourite story.
The fourth story “WISH YOU WERE HERE” by Ila Garg : As the name suggest the story revolves around Aakash and vaani, how they met and fell in love and how a twist seprates them the end poem is too good.
The fifth story “THE ROSEMARY LETTERS” by Ashish Sharma : It is about a girl getting letter from someone and written in a poetic format.Its nice to read but I felt there are some parts I couldn’t understand.
The sixth story “ALL I WANT IS YOU” by Sonia Kundra Singh : The story revolves around Devyani and Abhimanyu.The way Abhimanyu propose was nice and Devyani getting he shock adds a different touch to the story.
The seventh story “THE LOVE STORY” by Harpreet Makkar: The story is of Harry and Shreya and how there love unites them and what all goes around their life during that time. My favourite lines were There are few love stories that initiate with bliss and end with agony, there are other few that initiate with agony and end with bliss but there are very few that initiate with blissful moments and end with the same” .
The eighth story “THE GIFTS” by Ishita Bhown : The story revolves around Raj and Jia where she ask two gifts from raj before they get married.I liked the whole concept,It is the second best story,but I didn’t love its ending that much.
The ninth story “BOLLYWOOD AFFAIR’S” by Ayaan Basu : The story revolves around  Nishant and Farzin, and how Nishant helps Farzin to find herself and her ambition.I felt it coul have been much more.
The tenth story “FLAVOURED SMOKE” by Pratham Devang:It’s a cute bubbly romantic love story, very sweetly written where Aviral and Aisha gets separated and then fate decides to bring them back together.
The eleventh story “LYRICS OF LAVISH RAIN” by Rachna Seth: It has a beautiful lyrics and you will feel every line has emotions in it.My favourite were “ Love is mere selfish I tell you,It makes you forget all that-which scares you!”
The twelfth story “CUPID’S ARROW, BULL’S EYE”  by Siddhartha Yadav : It’s a story where a girl loves a guy, but the guy has only lust.It rather bold topic but as a girl i feel the end wasnt justified.
The thirteenth story “EHSAAS – THE FEELING”  by Pulkit Gupta The story of an orphaned couple Mayank and Anushka who tries  to build a new family around her and completely different from the rest, a nice sweet  plot. A nice ending to the book.
The fourteenth story “AN ODE TO RELATIONSHIP”  by Nandini Garg A poem full of emotions.Just goes with the flow.
The 14 stories on different facets of love.The stories I loved reading  is 3,6,8,10,12,13.The Downpart of the book I feel, the part where the title and pic of author comes it needed editing coz spaces are added in word were not requiered.And Mostly every story takes you to the past and then back to present,But apart from that it has nice romantic touch to the book.
Rating: 3½/5

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