Sunday, 2 March 2014

Unsatisfied Satisfactions

PLOT: Unsatisfied Satisfactions, a confusing combination of two words, are the feelings when someone close to you, whom you loved the most, is no more in your life but you are still satisfied thinking about that someones wellbeing and happiness. You bequeath your happiness to see that person satisfied. Riitik, a common boy from a Punjabi family, fell in love with Niyati who belongs to a Brahmin family. After a good, unforgettable time spent together and having one of the best love moments anyone could think of, they dreamt of being together to measure every thick and thins of life. They thought that nothing in the world was strong enough to put them apart. No other relation was more important to them than theirs. And they were meant to be for each other truly, madly and deeply. But then, destiny, which made them meet first, played its game again and things changed with its one Masterstroke.
REVIEW: The story is about the author himself and his love Niyati.Its starts of with how they met, how the fell in love with each other and other aspects of love.He has given highlights to all those people who are there in the picture for a short duration.In the first half you could feel the joy of being in relation whereas from the second part where they start drifting apart, you could feel the sorrow.Riitik has been able to play with emotions.I hated its ending not because I didn’t liked it I felt it was stupid of Niyati.
The Downpart of the book is the plot is common but the ending was different from others.Since the summary has mentioned the author belongs to Punjabi family and the girl to a brahmin family so drama scene of family members which wasnt at all covered in the book.
Apart from that, Riitik has done  tremendously well job to put forward a book so romantic book.

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