Wednesday, 23 April 2014


     These are few economical ways to promote your book. Remember, you can always sell a bad book with good marketing techniques, but the fact is that the readers will lose trust in you. So, beware. 

 1. Front and Back Cover – An average potential reader spends around 7 Seconds looking at the front cover of the book and then if they like your front cover they will spend around 13 Seconds browsing your back cover, and then they decide whether to invest their time, money and energy in reading your book. So, make sure you have a wonderful front and back cover. 

2.  Bribe your readers, before they buy it – Your first two or three chapters should be available for the readers in e-commerce websites for free, then let them decide whether they will buy it or not. When you buy a car, you test-drive it, right? Same theory applies for a book.  Your readers will get the taste and feel of the book.

3.  Offer Signed Copies of Books – If you offer signed copies of your books, even if you are a debutant, if can create some demand.

4.  Visit your Alma-mater - Your University, college or even high school can be a great resource... You can even offer to do a presentation for faculty or the students and talk to your teachers about your book.

5. Buy your own books - Yes, in many countries authors buy their own books so that it can hit the best-sellers list. You can do it and use those books in promotional campaigns or giveaways or sell them at a discount to your friends offline.   

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