Monday, 23 June 2014

Review: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray

he much talked about book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray has certainly its share of fame for being a groundbreaking guide to the opposite sex and relationships.
You can’t live with them and, believe me, neither you can’t think of living without them. Since decades, interacting with the opposite sex has always been a great task, which is done in order to make an impression upon, which is the dude the ultimate wish for most of us…right? But, have you ever wondered about the ‘how’ part of the process. We have often been blaming it on our destiny and thereafter think of some better future with someone better, having a positive approach towards life, which is highly appreciated.
Is it really that failed relationships are destined to be so?Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus attempts to reduce the differences between both sexes by explaining why these differences arose. 
The book begins with a simple story where Martians, the men are happily living on the planet Mars, and the Venusians, the women on the planet Venus. Problems between both the sexes begin to crop up when both of them start meeting each other and fail to become conscious the basic differences that exist between them as a result of belonging to different planets.
In the book the author, Dr. Gray has elucidated things in a very realistic manner; the book is peppered with examples of different couples and their conflicting habits and reactions. What surprised me was the fact that the author, who is a man, could understand a woman’s mind so well. I liked the chapters ‘Men are like rubber bands’ and ‘Women are like waves’ because at a distance from relationship advice, these chapters delve into our general characteristics as humans,so look out for a treat for the singles here! The chapter, which I did not like was ‘How to communicate different feelings’ where the author teaches us to write a love letter. I personally did not like the idea of stereotyping love letters, but it may work as a relief for people who don’t know to express their emotions in writing.

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