Saturday, 20 September 2014

I'm Not a Retard! by Rajashree Anand

About the book:- Tormented by a group of cyber-bullies in Smithsonian College, Katya Mishra reaches out to Tara Ghosh. Her appeal is marked “spam” by the journalist, who’s caught in her own world of choices: career, family and newfound love. Matters were also getting worse in South Hall for Ralph Archer who was already a victim of ‘a host of hate-pages on FB’. Can each of them find solutions to their problems and solve those of others?

“I’m Not a Retard!” seeks to make people aware of the downsides of this newly-found medium of expression and is the voice of silent rebellion from the many students and adults faced by instances of cyber-bullying in their lives.

Through an interplay of narrative voices, the reader is taken on a voyage, experiencing the twists and turns of characters who meander through the complex intricacies and ironic shortcomings of the cyber-world.

REVIEW:-  Interesting!!! Quick Read
This is a book on cyberbullying, a current topic, and a hot and raging one at that.

The plot is weak & there are many characters which are unnecessary 
the story goes out of track 

First half of the story is out of track....

good ponts about the points :- 

  • simplicity 
  • The book is a fast read, and I could not put it down once I started

The book's primary audience would be high school students, teachers and parents. Overall, a great read and As the writer's first novel, I think this is a good effort

overall rating :- 4/5 

About the Author

Raised in the bylanes of Mylapore, Ballygunge and Vasant Kunj, Rajashree Anand s perspectives on life are a juxtaposition of the traditional, cultural and modern medley of her growing up days. She currently finds herself juggling family life and her newfound love for creative writing. Her debut foray into writing sees her use literature as a medium of voicing the issue of cyber-bullying. Several of her poetic overtures have already found their rightful place in the high profile anthology titled The Dance of the Peacock (by Hidden Brook Press Canada) , Roots and Wings: An Anthology of Indian Women Writing In English and in various online journals including Muse India ,Writers Asylum, Urban Confustions and Indian Ruminations. She has degrees in English Honours and Mass Communication and has been an educator for the International Baccalaureate and IGCSE in India and Malaysia. She currently lives in Gurgaon, India with her husband and two sprightly sons.

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