Book Review- How to Become a Billionaire by Selling Nothing by Aditya Magal

Review :- The story is all about Shastri and Mr Jhunjhunwala where entrepreneur (Shastri) frauds richest man (Mr Jhunjhunwala) and makes him a partner in his company. By knowing all of this, Jhunjhunwala still decided to go ahead to work with him in the partnership. The boxes of Nothing from Nowhere are high in demand and the Company Notco is creating a new record everyday on the Bombay Stock Exchange.
A must read fun filled book
Absolutely delightful read.....a laughter riot..
Aditya takes the production and marketing to humorous levels on how they are 
bent on producing products and advertising campaigns to sell it.

Story climax starts when Jhunjhunwala claims that he had forced Shastri to cheat on his partner and set up their business until Shastri lies. Jhunjhunwala then decided that he will sort this out by talking with Shastri.
The last and most interesting part of the story begins when Jhunjhunwala with his fellow investors brings Notco to its knees. At last Jhunjhunwala realizes how Shastri was destroyed by him leading to his suicide, but also understands how money had turned him into and how it was important to put things right.
This is a great story with a great comical touch and great narrative to it. It delivers a profound message telling how the money can turn a normal person into such an arrogant who cares solely about his own aspirations and desires.
Summary of the Book
An eccentric entrepreneur's dreams of success are stepped on when a billionaire stock investor with a dragon-sized ego he approaches for funding shoos him away with a meager 1 Lakh, advising him to consult a psychiatrist. The entrepreneur takes the money to hit back on the billionaire by manufacturing the most innovative product possible: NOTHING! He pays the billionaire back by assigning him a stake in the company for his help. The entrepreneur's marketing skills help land investments by the hundreds, even from the deep-pockets of Indian politicians. The billionaire is vexed with his stake, one that he has unexpectedly picked up. Its value increases every day, and attracts the attention of some of the richest men in the world. However, this ride to success is cut short as another company claims that the entrepreneur has infringed on their ideas. In this spoof on success, the writer spares no one, and his writing captures the humour and absurdity of India
About Aditya Magal
Aditya Magal, or Sri Sir Jhunjhunwala as he is known on Twitter, is an Indian blogger, part-time business analyst and twitter celebrity. His blog gets over 30,000 unique followers every month and he is followed by over 45,000 people on Twitter.
Mr. Magal is an economics graduate, and worked as a Business Analyst till 2012, when he left the corporate world to write full time. His articles have been featured on Hindustan Times Brunch, Outlook, Economic Times, Hindustan Times, and JAM Magazine. His blog, which he based on a parody of Legendary Indian Investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, has evolved into one of the best known humour brands in India and has been acclaimed extensively by Forbes, 


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