Sunday, 9 November 2014

Embraced: Chained in Darkness Book One by Nicholas Bella

ABOUT BOOK- I’ve been betrayed by someone I trusted. Because of him, I was captured by my loathed enemy: The vampires. Right now, the sun is still high in the sky, but I know when it sets, I’m as good as dead. They can’t wait to get their fangs into me. I guess some would say I have it coming. I did raise a lot of hell with my Resistance crew, and I was planning on raising a hell of a lot more at dawn before I was sold out by Jonah. The vampires, werewolves and dragons, have been trying to track me down for months and I’d always been two steps ahead of them.
*Laughs* I guess my number is up. I just hope they make it quick. You see, the vampires in my reality aren’t the romantic lot you read about in books. They don’t sparkle or hang out at high schools with their teenage girlfriends. Hell no, vampires are brutal, calculating, sadistic and bloodthirsty. As a matter of fact, all of the monsters are! That’s how they were able to take over the world so easily and change an entire civilization to suit their needs. Whatever happens, I know it’s not going to be pretty, so I’m preparing myself for the worst. May God help me.
REVIEW:- This book is a very enjoyable read. It has well drawn and interesting characters and a fast paced plot that will keep you guessing. I loved the dialogue which was real and well crafted. The depth of the book comes in its themes which is deeply rooted in religion and politics. As other have commented, there is no clear line between the "Good guys" and the "bad guys" as each character has her or her own flaws which are explored. The book is a quick read and it will leave you wanting to read more about the characters and from this writer. 

Noel has been fighting with the Resistance, against the Vampires and other creatures who have basically taken over, being the more powerful species. Unfortunately, he was sold out by someone he trusted and has been captured by the Vampires. As punishment, rather than a swift death he had hoped for, Noel is given to one of the more powerful Vampires, Theoden, who turns him into the very thing he despises and has fought against, and basically makes him his pet.

I’d like to say Noel is the star here, but honestly, Theoden steals the show. He is what he is – a bad ass vampire who takes what he wants for himself. He has control over those he turns and already maintains a small harem for himself. He turns Noel and intends to break and use him until he understands his new place. RATING:- 4/5  stars 

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