Saturday, 18 April 2015

BOOK REVIEW : @Dreams BY Joginder Rohilla

@ DREAMS is the journey of three youngsters to fulfill their dreams. A partial touch of affection, love, emotions and unforgettable moments of college life, makes the novel very much real and readable. Every youngster who wants to make his dreams true will relate it to himself. The U.S.P. of the novel is Umang's unique Learning Therapy philosophy through which he follows and achieves his dreams. The novel @ DREAMS is not only very close to author's heart but also its derived from some of his real life experiences...
Pub. Date: 2014 
Price: INR 190

Firstly i would lyk to thank the author for sending me the book.
The cover is nice
Talking about the book, the story is well written & crafted
about dreams...dreams as well all see ...we have a dream in life & we want it to get fulfill.
Sometimes we try all hard, make our all efforts to fulfill it to make the dream come true & when the dreams become real, we are happy & satisfied

Similarly in this book, the author has told the story about Umang .Umag started his journey in his college.His biggest pillars of strength are his brothers Tarang & Swastik who are there for him at his every call.Umang is accompained by,Samar & Virat , his best buddies in college.
All 3 figured out their individual dreams & started following their hearts.

Amid the financial crisis, Umang started persuing engineering.In between Umang has to take educational loan by putting his house on hold.Umang then reach to his final year ,where everything was at its best.Umang try to be positive & is hardworking to acieve his goal.
He felt broken & cried when his brother Tarang dies.But he still remained strong & tried his best to achieve his goal, wht his brother has been supported ,dreamed of.
Finally Umang did it & got selected, & the day comes when he is standing in conference hall ,HIND MOTORS,& presented the successful design of Alternate Fuel Vehicle for the company.

All & all ,it was a good read...motivational & inspiring ..i like to read such kind of stories
& the way the author put it in the form is commendable.

Overall Rating:-  4/5 stars.

Joginder Rohilla is an IT professional who has worked with best MNCs around the world. Right now, he is completely involved full time with his own social venture, Sanskriti, and an IT start up. He is an avid reader and traveller. He is a photography enthusiast as well and can be easily found capturing moments with his camera. Whenever time permits, He is always ready to travel and explore places...of course, with his camera and some readable stuff in his bag. @Dreams is his debut novel.

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