BOOK REVIEW : LIFE Had Other PlanS by Munish Dhawan

Nik, a college dropout, joins Roy & Grant Communications, a passionately charged advertising agency, with enthusiastic anticipation, only to discover that his life is about to change forever. He bumps into Ratty, the love rat; and Su, the benevolent prude, instinctively perceiving that there’s a cosmic connection between the three!
They become the best of friends. Soon, they are inseparable. 3 more team up with them to form a batty group that lives up to the advertising world’s reputation of being totally demented. But they hardly care. They’re having way too much fun, together!
Just when they hope that their merry little world continues, life reveals a new plan.
Nik commits the cardinal sin of falling in love with one of his best friends. Before he can declare it, he learns that Su is in love too, but not with him! When the bombshell Mallika arrives on the scene, the skirt-chasing love rat finds himself in love too!
What happens next is an entangled saga that unfolds into an incredible chain of events, leaving the reader breathless.
‘Life Had Other Plans’ is part funny, part loony, part tragic tale where nothing goes according to plan. It’s a high drama of love gained and love lost that builds up to a completely unexpected end. But not before the three protagonists - Nik, Ratty and Su are forced to confront their deepest, darkest secrets!

Firstly i would like to thank the author for sending me the book...I am really glad .

This book pulls you into the world of advertising and the some of chapters are awesome.
I really liked the efforts which author has put in writing this book
The whole story,plot is concentrated around advertising agency with main characters as Nik, Ratty & Su
these are their nick names
The first chapter starts with when Nik has gone to an advertising company for job , for giving interview
he was surprised & amazed by his boss , He got selected 
& then the journey starts....other chapters revolves around his love story, & there are many funny parts in the has put humour which make the book quite interesting & gripping! 
The book gives a taste of the world of advertising which is a fill of love, hatred, adjustment, conflict, competition, favoritism and fair play - not forgetting its share of suspense and excitement. 

But in some chapters, author has just elaborated, extended them,which i dont think was required, & so i felt boring in between

Overall Rating -  4/5 stars .Go For It! :)

Born and brought up in Amritsar and polished in Calcutta, Munish entered the advertising world as a copywriter, after almost failing B. Com. He writes for many national and international advertising brands and has won many advertising awards. Dhawan currently lives in Delhi.



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