BOOK REVIEW : By The Mountains-Love Reloaded by Deepanshu Saini

Based on a real story……
Could any adventurous journey makes you fall in love with your life?
Do nature holds the power to teach you the language of love, happiness and above all trust?

Love at first sight – Myth or Reality?

A single smile so contagious that alters the pain of your life?

If your answers are in affirmative, it means you are on the right path – a remarkable journey ‘by the mountains’; where Dhruv is in the deep dark pit of depression from six months emotionally afraid, afraid to LOVE… afraid to LIVE…. Where, Anjali on the hunt of dying and consuming love but doesn’t try every other guy on the list.

Will Dhruv be able to control himself not to get struck once again by the girl’s detachment?

Will this trekking trip hold true love for Anjali’s destiny?
Love always finds its way, but if you love someone just say….
Isn’t It?

‘By The Mountains’ is a story filled with misconceptions between Dhruv and Anjali, ending on a memorable memoir that every lover craves for.

Read on… to climb through Dhruv and Anjali’s journey…

REVIEW : -  Firstly i would  like to thank the author for sending me book for review.
by the first look i thought this book would be really interesting but in actual its not that much interesting

the story...narration is quite well...nice

but sometimes its bit boring

i loved the concept..overall plot..the journey to they fell in love

some lines & poems are beautiful 
 " A life with love is no life at all In fact, Life & LOve is the same thing. Love can't always be like fire works & shooting stars, sometimes its a simple understanding & trust between 2 people , just to find joy by following your heart. "

overall Rating :- 3 / 5 stars 

About The Author: Born and brought up in Delhi, Deepanshu Saini completed his B. Tech from Kurukshetra University and currently works as an Assistant Manager in TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited.

Being a passionate guy with an optimistic outlook towards life, the author also has an interest in acting, writing, drawing and won many prizes in various cultural events.

By The Mountains is his second fiction novel after Girls Hostel - Unspoken Memories.


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