Friday, 17 April 2015

BOOK REVIEW : That Man in the Mirror: Love, Lust and Life BY Rajeev Ranjan

How far one should go to help his sibling. Can we draw a line in blood relationships?
What happens. when we stop counting our blessings and long for fictitious pleasures, when lust takes over gentle senile notions of love and when you lie to yourself and then justify it?
Is there any date sheet for emotions?
This novel tries answering these questions through a beautiful story. Besides it also touches the emotions that cross our heart when we embark on the journey of betrayal. It is also an attempt to locate that man in the mirror that we generally choose to ignore.

First of all , i would like to thanks the author for sending me this book.
The cover of the book is perfect ,matches with the title  & depicts ,tell about, what the  storyline would be.

As per Blurb, This book contains all the emotions. One can find Love, sadness and romance perfectly
But Blurb also gives you an idea about a love story which urge you to read the book

I loved the concept. 

Every chapter author has given a philosophical starting..
The story is about the protagnist Raghavendra , his mentally challenged brother , 
his family
It describes every emotion clearly ,everything seems so real

Raghav has affair with Rinjula & he thinks he is cheating his wife
though Raghav  NEVER  meet Rinjula, he used to do phone chat & sexual chats with her.

Then one day,when Raghav has meeting in bangalore ,he decided to meet Rinjula in delhi in the mean time between the flight 
Chapter 16 & 18... blow my mind...
sensual & erotic

Some lines from the chapter :- 
"I kissed those enticing lips & the lips remained locked for a long time & nothing tasted good as ever."

"She was hot ,tender, fresh & tempting. I placed my manhood at the gateway of heaven & it smoothly,slid inside, making her moan , cry out of pain & started moving in & out following a rhythmic motion ." 

In the end, he find his brother , he is able to gather his whole family & felt terribly relieved,removed from the burden.

The author has done good job.

Overall Rating : 4/5

I would recomment this book to  all the readers.

Rajeev Ranjan graduated in physics from University of Delhi in the year 1996. He works for Government of India in senior executive position. A voracious reader and writer, Rajeev has written two more bestselling novels.

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