First Date, Last Date by Pritam Sharma

His attitude and Self respect meant alot to him. He was the guy with such a great luck. Just in Six month he got Promoted as Quatity Analyst at one of the leading BPO of mumbai but had to leave just in few days. He left job and was Job less for more then a month. He joined at new place. At his first day of office he saw a girl.With whom later on he fall in love. Even after knowing that the girl he like has someone in her life.He did not leave hope. What if you find the person who pretend to be your best friend is standing against you? "People like you are the reason for rep cases haappen in Delhi." Have you ever been told this? Who is Prem? Who is Simran? How do they came together? What's there story? In todays world of lust can you find true love? 8th november 2013 everything went fine then what happen that evening and it turned to there last date. Can someone secrifies his whole life just for a comittment?

Love stories can start any time any how it never need reason or situation.
The way of its starting can be diffrent but only two results come out of it
either we get it or we loos it.
We love someone.some one love us.
We care for someone.Someone care for us.
Some stories get their destination and some fall down before they start
their journey even.
Welcome to 'First date last date',a  story of Prem a north indian boy and
simran a sindhi girl.
Prem a BPO professional
Changes his company and on his first day he see a girl simran.
Somehow he get her contact number and start chatting over whats up.
One day he proposes simran and
They come together
After a month they decide to go on date and goes to Juhu and sanjay ganhi
national park somehow their first date itself become their last date.
So what exectlly happen on their first date and it become last date?
Do this story end there?
Want to know welcome to 'First Date Last Date'

A graduate from Soubhit university.
He, has worked with many insurance and assistance service companies.
About writing i don't know how come i got in to it.
Its not my first book but i preferred publishing it first.
Hope you would have liked 'First Date Last Date.'
Shortly coming up with 'I still regret' and 'S-6 a journey a love story'


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