Friday, 24 April 2015

Live Everyday Like its Last

While doing something has it ever happened that you feel, "Maybe this is the last time I'm doing it?"

The last time you met your friend? Maybe can be really THE LAST TIME!

It can be the last time -

When you said, "I Love You" to someone you love.

When you made love to the person you love. Ever thought while doing, that it may be the last time?

When fighting with a loved one, have you thought that 'Maybe this is the last time, I am getting to talk to him/her. Lets end the fight and be good.'?

When you told your parents that you love them and that they are the best?

When you went for a movie with a loved one?

When you gave someone a hug?

When you clicked a selfie with your friends?

Life is too small for hatred or bad vibes. Embrace positivity.

Life is unpredictable, highly!

Be good at what you do, take chances, risks are what life is all about.

Do something as if it is your last time, put in your best - in loving someone, in helping others, because you never know, it might be the last time you're doing it.

This should not be taken as a de-motivating piece of writing, but an eye opener to all things we waste time over and ignore the important ones.

Maybe today is indeed the last day of your life. Live it like one. You will never be sad about petty things.

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  1. this one is really nice (Y)...really motivating and the topic u chose was a good 1 because many of us do think when is our last day :)