Sunday, 19 April 2015

STORY-the beginning of a beginning

"She just can't leave me like that, why does she have to leave me like this dad" Asked Rohan to his dad who was busy in accepting solace from the guests who arrived at the funeral of his wife. 
"Why are you not answering dad, what's wrong with you?" Rohan asked once again but still he got no answer from anyone. It becomes mortifying when someone has lost his mother at the tender age of 11, the same was happening to Rohan. everyone was looking at that little boy with pity and sympathy.
"Poor kid, life will be hard on him" Said someone to Mr. Siddarth Ahuja, Father of Rohan Ahuja. He was not replying to anyone. he just kept looking at the picture of her late wife. Death is tragic, but what was coming along with time was more challenging than facing the current situation, and that was- to raise a child without a mother...
hey guys, let me introduce myself. My name is Vishal Sah and i am going to become a co-admin of this page. I am going to write down a novel online and i will post the oncoming story soon. keep in touch.
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