BOOK REVIEW : Love happens... come what may by SAGAR KATARIA

Gentle feeling of the heart makes Joyvir and Sunaina discover their tender love. They cherish the moments of being in love but not for long enough. They could never imagine that it would be mere words which have the prowess to make two people meet and discover true love as such.

They had known each other for quite some time and one fine day they admitted love. The moments of ecstasy reminisces their mind as the blissful sojourn leaves an imprint on their present.

Journeys often become a riddle when they approach with a surprise element.

Joyvir's tryst with this present makes him explore new avenues in professional as well as personal life. Some new friendships emerge. Should Joyvir move ahead or not?

Love happens... come what may has ingredients of all sacred emotions which binds two lovers with destiny and faith...

REVIEW :-  This book  is about the love story of  Joyvir & Sunaina .
engineering students,entered into the college, meet each other ,become friends,Good friends.
Then how time flew by didnt get to know...
4th year came by, & they both become close enough...Sunaina has feelings for Joyvir , Similarly same from Joyvir side, but they never expressed to feelings & let each other know.
They & their 5 friends  are given project in the final year & they are searching for company for completing it.

Sunaina has cancer, In the ending Sunaina is hospitalized & is the 2nd stage of cancer .She is immediately taken to the hospital room & the light outside the operation theatre was still red, Joghvir is waiting for Sunaina to get allright .
Gulshan's marriage was over. Abhi was sitting right at the front desk.Damini & her friends too joined outside .Finally the doctors came out & some oxygen cylinders were taken inside.Gulshan & sparsh too came in the morning.Both hugged Joyvir ,But Joyvir remained motionless.
When two people are destined to meet,they do meet, comr that may....

The story is emotiional,touchy & we can feel it.
As usual its like other  love story...i dont find nothing much interesting in it.But i m impressed by authors writing & way of presenting it.

But as a debut book,author has done a good job.

I would like to give this book 3/5 stars.
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