Monday, 18 May 2015

BOOK REVIEW : One Tequila, 2 Tequilas by Supriya Parulekar

About The  Book :-
There was a handsome young man
And a gorgeous young girl.
They were never meant to fall in love!
For the girl… there was happily never after!
For the boy… he had failed miserably in matters of heart!
Until one day… their paths crossed, fates met!
Love happened, just once and then forever…
Once upon a Love!

REVIEW :- I have read Supriya's earlier book before .Her book named Dreamcatcher is still in my book shelf .
Talking about This book,i would like to say that the story is good, there are many characters in it, well set .
gripping, Engaged right from the first page .The writing is simple,fluid.

The story starts like this:- Samiera was reading the diary that her mom  had gifted to her on her 22nd birthday.As a child she often seen her mom, Kosha ,scribble away in the diary.She was always keen to know how their parents meet & got marrried .
& she asked her Mom, how will she get to know , if she feel in love with someone"
On that Kosha replied that ," the best thing about love is you will never know unless it hits you hard & you feel that familiar ache, your heart."

'Its better to have loved & lost than never to have loved at all.'
Love is magical .
Every girl believes that there is a Prince Charming waiting for here somewhere,to sweep her off her feet,take care of her,& be with her with love in his eyes till the end of eternity & beyond.

The story should rather be called Romantic drama , in which there is Climax at the end .
Kosha cant marry Harsh Sarabhai as she love Siddharth.Kosha & her friend Tanvi are waiting for Siddharth to come at the marriage of her & take away her from her & tell everyone that both kosha & Siddharth love each other .Kosha could see the mandap coming, everything is set & ready,they are waiting for Siddharth .Kosha is getting tensed & her eyes reflected anger & sadness.
Finally Siddharth comes & ask kosha's father to give him,the hands of her daughter to that they can marry each other, at which Kosha's father gave him permission & finally they are happy, feel in true love & everyone clapped for the new couple.

Its same like i am watching a bollywood film .

Thanks to the author for sending me the Book.
Best of luck to the author for her upcoming books.Wish her success.
I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars & hope to read more from the author.
I would recommend this book to all,do buy a copy of it .

Supriya Parulekar is a published author with four books and has written story, screenplay and dialogues for two movie projects under consideration. She has also worked as a script editor for TV18, History Channel. She was a columnist for ‘YUVA’, a magazine, for the youth. Her passion is reading, writing and travelling to new places in search of inspirations.
Her debut novel ‘A Soulful of Life’ was a supernatural thriller which was followed by ‘Dreamcatcher’ which was of romance genre. Her third work, ‘The Gangster’s Muse’ was a thriller and is available online and in stores.
Recently, “BFF: Best Friends Forever” was released and it did quite well in Teen fiction.
Next up is ‘Darkness Within,’ a dark, psychological thriller with sprinkling of verses setting the mood for the thriller. Supriya composes poems too when she is not working on her books or reading.

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