Book Review- Someone like you by Durjoy Dutta and Nikita Singh

Title: Someone like you
Author: Durjoy Dutta and Nikita Singh
Genere: Fiction; Romance
Published by: Penguin metro reads
Rating: ***/***** (3 out of 5)
First of all, hello all of you. It's being a long time since i have read a Durjoy Dutta's. Though it was published in 2013, i read it a bit late. I bought it while i was going to my hometown from Varanasi from a bookstore. I had to choose between a Chetan Bhagat and this. I felt a little bit regret after reading it.
Someone like you is a story which starts with the same place every 3rd book of every Indian authors start with- DU campus. Niharika gets a make over by her sister and by the virtue of it, attracts a handsome, rich guy- Akshat but both parted away. She goes into ICE Nagpur and meets another bunch of Characters. Tanmay- Sweet and Shy type of guy who never was interested in Niharika; Pia- her room mate cum best friend and Karthik- the 'guy' which she hates at first but starts to love afterwards. Pretty typical story, right?
Everything goes on smoothly until Tanmay met with a fatal accident and left all of them, that point of story is, well, sad. And return of Akshat makes the story more interesting. But the End of the book is too dramatic and predictable- i mean, proposing a girl during a football match?? Sure Bollywood affects even the most creative minds of the country.
Speaking of the writing- story is Good but it fails to hold you till the end. It generally happens when you try to write in collaboration. Niharika's portraiture is not as good as it should be, but i liked Karthik- Ultimately he becomes the one who gets the girl by his wild look and rebellious attitude.
Language is simple and it is good, i am not in favor of complex English which makes readers go through oxford's every time they read a line.
In short, It's not as much good as Durjoy Dutta's other books. I would reserve my comments on writing on Nikita Singh because she is just two books old and she is also pretty!!
I give it 3 out of 5, Initially i was going for 2 and a half but half is for cover which is simple and not too content-revealing. If you are interested in Bollywood love stories and want to imagine life like a pink little world- then buy it, otherwise if you are looking for something more than that...please don't

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