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Disclaimer = I will be posting a review and my opinion of the book. They will be two different things. Review will consist of what the book is actually about and  opinion will consist of my views on  the book. My views and the actual review should not be mistaken for each other. Readers are requested to go on the review of the book and read the book if they find it worth reading regardless of my opinion.
Thank you!

About the book
Many of us have heard about the legendary mahabharat that took place between the pandavas and the kauravas. This is the same story except for the fact that is shown through a woman's point of view who is none other than Draupadi  also known as Panchali. The palace of illusions is a very powerful book written by Chitra Banerjee. The story plot revolves around Draupadi, the princess of Panchaal which was one of the richest kingdom in India. This story tells us,her formation from Draupadi to Panchali, her marriage to the five pandavas ,her friendship with lord krishna, her relationship with her brother, her change of attitude from a defying and angry princess to a powerful and dominant queen and most importantly her secret love story with karna also known as karan all from her point of view. So this can be called as a woman centric story.

In this story draupadi is shown as a defying princess who doesn’t like all the frills and petite  activties that royal princess do , instead she loves doing things which her brother has the opportunity to do which results in her being referred to an outcast saying nothing of the way she was evolved into this world. Her curious and angry nature speeds up the process of her being recognized as the most powerful woman of the era only to come down and rise again from the ashes. The rise again of Panchali with her husbands leaves a mark on history because then it is responsible for the great war evolving known as mahabharat which causes the third race of human kind to diminish.

My views
The palace of illusions is a must read for people who enjoy a good fiction. Though let me warn the romantic hearted people if u are looking for romance in the book u will be disappointed although the ending Is pretty fair! So in my opinion do give it a try !


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