Thursday, 14 May 2015


Today i got an unknown friend request from a girl of my college, she was probably from another batch. She messaged me and claimed that she knows me and one of her friend told her about the book that i have written.
Me: its great to see readers who are intrested in indian authors
She: I only read chetan bhagat and durjoy dutta and i hope you become like them one day
Me: why?? Can't i create an identity of my own?
She: with these authors in the indian market, i highly doubt that.
Now its not like i have something against these two, infact they are my role models...but what is that thing which seperates these authors like Ravinder singh, durjoy dutta and chetan bhagat from rest of the authors?? And what is with the indian reading mind that their Bookshelves are only limited to the Chetan bhagat's, Durjoy dutta's and Ravinder singh's.
P.S. it's completely my opinion and my observation, others may differ... So try not to make such a big deal

- by Vishal Sah.

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