Fifty Shades of Grey :Novel by E. L. James

About the book :-
50 shades of grey is an alluring book with the amount of sexual content in it.
It is the story about a college going girl anastasia also known as ana who falls for  a mysterious and dark man Christian grey who also happens to be the richest and most good looking bachelor of the place they reside in. Ana is a simple girl who lives with her best friend kate . She on demand by her friend goes to meet the christian grey to interview him for a school project. Little does she know that this small innocent meeting will turn her life upside down in days to come.
                                    From the very first meeting with christian grey, ana is smitten by him. On the other hand even christian grey finds her appealing for reasons best known to himself. The first book follows their love story or rather ana's love towards Christian which keeps on growing. Throughout the book their love story progresses and ana starts to learn a bit more about christians strange demeanor, his past and his dark side. At the end of part 1 ana gives up in staying with christian and his odd ways although her love for him stays strong as ever.
  In the second book ie. Fifty shades darker , ana and christian meet again only to realize that christian was always in love with ana and ana's leaving him had made him realize that. What follows is thrilling to read because the past of christian is revealed and their love stays strong as ever which results in the marriage of christian and ana .
    The third book fifty shades freed is all about a deadly enemy that the greys have made and what problems he causes them as well as the pro and cons of marriage with christian grey.
              This book has a lot of sexual content in all three books of the series, because they have a very different kind of relationship than the usual one most people have!
My views  :-
Fifty shades of grey is a very good book for people who r romantics at heart and is a thrilling book to read because the way ana's character is described with all the swooning ,the way a girl feels when such a hot guy talks to her or is in a relationship with her is too good to be true and can be easily be related with.
So in my opinion you should definitely try this book before watching the movie because the movie is absolute rubbish as compared to the book  .



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