Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Short story #1

Hey guys, I am one of the co-admins of the group along with Nikita and I am a writer, my first book 'First Love Matters...So Does The Second' is about to release in August 2015. Nikita frequently asks me to write reviews on this blog but I am not that good in judging books, so instead writing the reviews I decided to do something which I know- Write stories. So here I am, posting my first short story and I promise I will write more. You can find me at Facebook on www.facebook.com/vishalauthor
P.S- there are many grammatical mistakes in here, try to bear with it. 
It's been 10 days now, and I haven't written a single word in my blogs, neither in my draft of the second book i am writing. I was trying hard to get through this phase and finally the engine has restarted. It isn't as smooth as it was 10 days before, but atleast I am able to type the words.
It all started last Saturday, our chemistry examination just got over and to celebrate the end of it, we decided to eat at Hindustan-One of the most famous spots in Varanasi for non-veg lovers (Actually, it was nothing like that, our mess was closed at Saturday, so we didn't have any other option except eating outside).
"You know, in Orissa, the non-veg is so much better than this." Biplav said while tearing the flesh from the leg piece of the roasted chicken he ordered. We all looked at him and smiled. His standards were pretty high when it comes to non vegetarian food.
"I bet you can't beat Lucknow when it comes to Chicken and Mutton." Sameer joined the conversation. He also can't keep quiet when it comes to food. He was from Lucknow, and he knew the heritage of the city. Indeed it was the city of the Nawabs , but according to him the city should be called as the city of the Kababs. I nodded in affirmation when everyone looked at me. I lived in Lucknow for 2 years, and i admit that the city has no match when it comes to food.
"You know, life would be so awesome if we had a bike, we don't have to walk down 3 kilometers from our hostel to get in here" I said to everyone.
"Stop complaining, there are many boys in our hostel who don't have a bicycle, atleast you have one" Ashish replied. He was always like this, His father owns a jewelry shop and he has loads of money in his bank account 24 x 7, so he didn't complained about anything. Sameer's father is a Businessman, and so was Biplav's dad. Everyone in my friend circle atleast have a bike or car in their house and what have i got? A LML vespa 2000 model scooter which does nothing except embarrassing me in front of my friends.
"You guys own one, that's why you don't need anything more" I defended myself. I was not saying that I was not happy with my life (although i wasn't), but i was not happy with the way i was living my life. Dad could easily afford a bike, yet he was very reluctant in doing so. 
  "There is nothing like that, be happy with what you got in life dude, You have more than enough. Try looking at someone who doesn't even have ample food to satisfy their hunger" Sameer said to me. He got a point, but I haven't met any of those people yet. Though I had seen beggars and homeless people, but they were not happy with their situation either.
"Whatever, when I will meet someone like that, i will look in their lives for sure...But until then let me complain" I said and laughed while we were coming out from the restaurant after having our meal.  As we were walking to the gate, I felt someone tugging my shirt from behind. I looked back and saw a little girl, nearly 10 years old with a handful of balloons in her hands. though she talked to me in Hindi and Bhojpuri but due to obvious reasons i am translating it in English.
"Bhaiya, please take a balloon" She said and stood up there with a liquescent smile, I had no option but to stop there. I told Sameer and other guys to wait for me at the gate. I turned back and saw the girl. I was feeling uncomfortable while talking to her standing, she was looking at me like if I am a giant or something like that.
"How much does it cost?" I asked the girl and bent on my knees to come to her height. She chuckled after looking at me. She was very adorable, with her smile spreading the aura of happiness all around.
"10 rupees" She said and untied a balloon from her bunch which she was carrying in her hands. I reached out to my wallet and took out a 50 rupee note and gave it to her. She looked at the money with a spark in her eyes, but suddenly the shine in her eyes was gone...just like a cloud goes without raining.
"I don't have money to return to you" She said in a low voice.
"That's okay, you can keep it" I replied to her and put the note in her hands. She looked at me for a while and then looked at the note which i put on her hands, she wanted the money, then why was she taking that much time to take it?
"No bhaiya, i won't take it...I am not a beggar" She said and handed back the money to me. I was astounded to see her attitude towards life. She was just 10 years old, her family is so poor that they were forced to send this little kid on roads to sell the balloons. I doubt that she was sure whether she would be able to have the food tonight or not, yet she decided not to take pity from anyone. Poverty does make you mature before you are supposed to be, I guess.
"I will take 5 of those" I said, put that note back on her hand and smiled after looking at that kid continuously. The spark which was lost in her eyes, suddenly came back. She was smiling once again. That heart-melting smile could make anyone happy. I was happy. She quickly handed me the balloons, clenched her little fist in which i kept the money and ran away. It felt strange, i had no use of those balloons but still those 5 balloons seems like a priceless asset to me now. I complain a lot- a lot about how my life sucks and how much my life would become easier if my parents were very rich but today when i saw this little girl, I looked up and thanked to God that whatever i am having, is more than enough for me.
"Thank you Big man, these are for you." I said while looking at the sky and released the balloons, it was mystifying, but kind of a good feeling. I walked with fast steps towards our college gate where all of them were still waiting for me.
"Where were you man?" Ashish asked me. He was irritated, he hated to wait for anyone. 
"Just met someone who taught me to live with no complaints" I said and looked up at the sky, the balloons were still there, going higher and higher, towards the BIG MAN there...

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