Monday, 22 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW :An Ideal Wife by Sanjay Grover


"An Ideal Wife…Beware what you wish for! 
What happens when the technology savvy Dwarf God, once the driver of the Biggest God in Heaven, sets out to find an Ideal Wife for a man on earth? 
Seems like a simple thing for a god to handle, right? But here is the catch - God has never created a girl with all the qualities this man, Sameer, wants in his Ideal Wife. And now, to make matters worse, Dwarf God has to do it without using his divine powers. 
Will He be able to find the girl? Will she be an Ideal Wife for Sameer?" 

REVIEW :-  I got this book from the author ,in exchange for honest review.‘An Ideal Wife’ is the debut novel of Sanjay Grover.
I lyk the cover of the book ,its bright and shinny.
By seeing the book itself, u will get a feeling to read it.
The story is a somewhat different from other books and  brilliantly written .The plot is good.I like the one liners in the book.

The story starts in heaven where a Dwarf God played his story of how he earned respect after getting the post of god on his retirement day in front of aspiring gods. The dwarf god came in to earth to help one of his atheist devotee name Sameer to help him find his Ideal Wife and trapped himself in a promise.
Sameer life took a U-turn after the bet. Hewas always on mission Ideal wife ,if not physically then mentally.Earlier ,he had never took interest in girls but now every girl seemed to be a prospective bride.....To Read the entire story...Go & buy this book.

As a debut novel, the author has done a good job...Waiting to read more from him.



Sanjay Grover is essentially a dreamer. He chucked a cushy marketing and strategy career in USA to turn to his love for Cinema. The path has been challenging and fraught with turbulence, but he has marched on without a backward glance. The rat race of engineering, management and corporate sector has given birth to an expression of creativity that lends a unique touch to his writing and direction.
Sanjay Grover

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