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BANG-BANG DEBUT ......... !

Prior , Ramayna had been tabled with different point of views . But I think , It’s the first time when it is narrated in Ravana's point of view . 

Asura is an epic tale of the vanquished Asura People . The plot is drawn on the outline of Ramayna but represented with some very critical angles . Best Thing about the book is that Rama & Ravana , Main Protagonist of Ramayna had been portrayed  as Humans instead of some special-powers holder .


A very Sobre front cover with Light-orange colour is presented which sounds apt with the book. On Top is the name of the Book ASURA  and  a beautiful aritistic sketch of Faces of Ravana are made so catchy that made a reader spend few seconds staring the cover .


In Back cover lies the following Gist of the inside Plot embedded over the faces of Ravana .


Story is narrated in Ist person by Ravana and Bhadra . Story leads in parallel pattern with Bhadra and Ravana showcasing how Ravana with all even as well as odds , becomes the emperor of Asuras . Book reveals how a Father sacrificed each and everything at his disposal for his daughter . Ravana is portrayed as a man who is filled with arrogance but at same time want his race to achieve the glory as they hold earlier before Kubera , Ravana’s half brother, started crushing the innocent asuras . With Ravana Character , Author tries to reveal the difficulties and sacrifices that a person made just to ensure the security and prosperity of his own people . 
Another main protagonist is Bhadra . Bhadra , an innocent civilian whose family was deceased by the devas and to seek revenge , he turned himself with ravana and Served him with complete loyalty . Even after his all sacrifices , Ravana never treats him well . With Bhadra , Author tries to give a strong message  that Doesn't matter who fought and win the wars , it is always the innocent citizens who lose .
Author had also put some stances in humorous way which lit smile with brain consistently rolled up in plot . Number of sketches are also plugged-in the book .

Fact that compel me pick the book is the Contents Index which starts with “ The End “ and last chapter is named “ The Beginning” 

Out of all , I loved Bhadra's Character . With his character , Author depicts  people who are completely loyal to us than any other but we ignored them similar to situation of  collecting stones and kicking diamonds . 

With the book , Author also highlights the evils dwelling because of  caste system . How caste sytem is ruining the happiness and unity of society from so long and the idea that in every human lies an evil and an angel . It all depends who takes over while taking a particular decision. Truly Hooking  and so is a BANG BANG DEBUT !


Author: Anand Neelakantan
ISBN: 978-93-81576-05-2
Genre: Thriller ( Fiction/Epic)
Publishers: Platinum Press 
Price: INR. 299

ASURA : TALE OF THE VANQUISHED is available at following Online Stores

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