Monday, 1 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Checkmate by Hrishikesh Joshi

An upright judge is used as a pawn by the terrorists to hijack a plane. The militants strike with vengeance to free their most dangerous fidayeen from the Indian prisons, as they hold a hundred passengers in the plane to ransom. Calling the shots for jihadis from Pakistan is once upon a time the right hand man of Osama Bin Laden and now the most dangerous terrorist in the world, Muhammad Zia ul Afridi. With the Prime Minister in a soup, there is only one man to stop the diabolical scheme of the dreaded jihadis—Vikram Roy, chief Secretary of RAW, a dashing young man of action. As the Prime Minister is about to surrender the prisoners, Vikram Roy discovers the most shocking truth about activities inside the RAW. The weary nation holds its breath as the fate of a hundred hostages and the prisoners hangs in a limbo. However, the events that are about to follow are so unforeseen that they shock everyone to the core. 

Publisher: Frog Books, Imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Genre: Espionage Thriller
ISBN: 978-93-81836-94-1 
Edition: First, 2015
Page Count: 158

REVIEW :- Firstly i would like to Thanks to the publisher for sending me the book.
The story is based  on terrorism.
After the demise of Osama Bin Laden, Muhammad Zia ulAfridi was feared to be the most dangerous man on the planet. The new poster boy of Ismalic Terrorism was on the top ten wanted list by the United States.
Muhammad Zia ul AFridi was born in the city of Lahore ,Pakistan.he was raised in a devoted,religious,middle class Muslim family.

Nobody from his childhood days  would have believed that the shy,intelligent boy would grow up to become a terrorist one day.

His responsibilty carried out the bomb blasts in London,Indonesia & India  & also had a part to play in 9/11.Post 9/11  he was in charge of Sheikh OsAMA'S security while in hiding.

HE laied out a wonderful plan  to hijack a plane & kidnapped Judge Sahab's wife & forced the Judge to carry pistols.
At the Indian airports,the Judges are of the High courts are exempted from frisking & security screening.

Everyone in india was shocked & scared by the news ,even the Prime Minister.
The sheikh & other people who hijacked the plane didnt let anyone move, else " they give warning that they will blow everybody up! ". 

The story consisti of well-defined characters and plenty of action, this is a must read for any fan of thrillers! 

The language of the book is simple and easy to follow. The dialogues are small. However, the narration could have been better.

I would like to give this book 4 out of 5 stars .

About the Author :-
Hrishikesh Joshi is a twenty-one year old, reluctant engineering student. Inspired by a placard on an airport he thought of a means to hijack a plane and wrote a story about it. He is a Taekwondo Black Belt, National Referee, an astrophysics enthusiast, studies psychology, loves backpacking in the Himalayas and lives in Pune with his parents, sister and a very jumpy German shepherd. Contact:

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