Wednesday, 24 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Ensnared by Prashant Wase


Neil and Divya are the perfect couple with a perfect life until they are not. They fall prey to strange happenings around them. It doesn't just stop there; along with them, heir family and friends experience the unspeakable. What is the secret behind their tragic fates? Will they survive this haunting?

Prepare to taste the dark side of Tantra and find out the answers for yourself. Feel the chill for yourself. Get ENSNARED.

REVIEW :- Firstly i would like to thanks to the author ,for sending me the book .
I am  read  horror book after such long time.Though its a small book of 118 book, its very well written.

Its just like i am reading a horror story.Every page has twist n turn in it. I got Goosebumps .
I couldn't predict what will be the next scene. 

There are many characters in this book, all characters are well defined. Vijay, Neil ,Divya & others are trapped in the Manson.They saw unusual things happening in the manson ,they can listen to the different sounds coming,  These voices are laughing and crying at the same time. The lady in red saree,the lady is a ghost, the lady made her way towards Sam and Diana's room. They all are scared, how to stop the lady from harming their friends Diana was dead & Sam was unconscious First Nelson then Lisa and now Diana. .
There is no way to escape. They are all trapped .Sam was hospitalized .At the end, they given feneral to Inspector Prabhakar and dad. Divya became unstable after going through all this.She started getting panic attacks. She couldn't stand alone. 

As a reader, i enjoyed reading the book... A perfect book for those who  like reading horror books.
I would  recommend  this book to all the readers.

About the Author

Prashant Wase is a graduate in IT from ATMC, Melbourne, Australia. Writing has been his passion since childhood. After having contributed a lot in writing at school and university level, Prashant decided to take the plunge into writing his first book ‘It’s complicated’. You can contact Prashant at

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