BOOK REVIEW :Every Heart Has Something To Say... by Madhurima Halder , Neha Ghosh

Every Heart Has Something To a story of a girl named Aarohi.She was born and brought up in Shillong by her grandparents. But onesuch day, she had to leave that place. She had to come to an unknowncity, among unknown people. She is dropped into this far unexploredcorner of the world for her. She comes to Calcutta, to pursue her wishof becoming a doctor. Unexpectedly, she met Aayan. Never did they knowthat their lives will change forever after that. Mysteries unravelslowly into Aarohi's life. She comes to know the deep dark secret thather family held back from her. But there was this one person whoalways loved her,stayed by her side. Will her love stay forever? Willshe still fight? Moreover for what is she fighting? For her love? Letstake a look into this book since it's still haunting in Aarohi's earsevery autumn morning that Every Heart Has Something To Say... 

PaperbackFirst192 pages
Published November 15th 2014 by Omji Publishing House

REVIEW :- I got this book from the author in exchange for honest review.
It’s a heart touching emotional story.
Each and every line and paragraph is beautifully written .
Its so romantic.

The story revolves around  the protagonist Aarohi  and her love Aayan in the City of Joy, Calcutta.
The story revolves around the girl Aarohi  who comes to Calcutta to pursue her wish of becoming a doctor and then as days pass she  comes to know that this city is full of emotions. She finds accidentally her love in an  unexpected place. And then as time flows she gets to know the dark secret of her life. 

Love is a feeling beyond words.Something strange,special and amazing.Life went on this way with three things--- 'Aryan,college friends and FAMILY!
Both Aarohi & Aryan love each other madly.

 * The darkness of the room lighted up when he touched me today.I didn't know when I  fell  asleep beside him.I wished if I could stay with him forever like his arms...with him...and only him.

There are beautiful poems in this book
My Heart craves;my heart finds no word to say...
To say how much I feel for you.
And I will not be able to stay without you
For a simple reason and it is...

"In this moonlight I meet you,
Let not your tears welcome  me,
In silence now when we stand face to face,

Let the dark sky studded with stars be the only witness"

I would recommend this book to everyone.I would give this book 4.5 out f 5 stars.

About the Author :-

Madhurima Halder (Born - 15th January) is a bookaholic and a student. She is currently related to a Kolkata magazine group. She has contributed to the anthology 'The Second Life'. Two most important things in her life is her books and her love for almost everything. She is currently working on her next fiction.

Neha Ghosh (Born - 23rd December) is also a student. This is her debut work along with her best buddy. She loves life and is utterly confused with her career. She loves to show magic, go for trekking and loves her darling sister. Neha also pens down poems when free.


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