Tuesday, 2 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Fosla: Frustrated One-Sided Lovers' Association by Pradeep Kapoor


At the Nehru Medical College in small-town Bhopla, the Frustrated One-Sided Lovers Association (FOSLA) is a thriving association of male medicos trying to get lucky in love. Its earnest members, the frustoos, have a single-minded goal: to hook up with a girl. When they are not chasing girls, the frustoos bully professors, have surgical mishaps at the dissection table, and literally break a leg during a night of revelry.

Then JD, college all-rounder and active frustoo, gets lucky. Mansi, the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the batch, seems interested in him. But how can he be sure? And how far will he go to win her love? For if he succeeds, JD must quit forever his trusted FOSLA team.

REVIEW : - I liked the concept of the book.Yet another love story with funny & humorous element in it .
When  Jai Dhawan,JD  to friends,cracked the CPMT  exam, all he could think of was the preety medico girls .
Just like the dream colleges,he entered into his college & formed a group of friends
FOSLA ( Frustrated One-Sided Lovers association ).All the fosla members have faced rejection at the hands of girls.This leads to frustation, so fosla members are also members called 'frustoos'.
They operate on the premise: '50 % baat paaki hai' that is from their side. The remaining 50 % depends on the girl they aim to hook up with, because if the girl say no, their 50% also gets nullified.

They work tirelessly towards achieving their objective ,unmindful of the kicks on their butts.
Its a story of  a medical  student & his journey through college life.

Overall, i would give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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