Wednesday, 3 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Hurry Om Hari by Parul Tyagi

"Hurry up or be left out!"

Haven't we all heard this at least thousand times in our lives? (Okay you must have heard more.) The point is we are all in a hurry to make something. Be it careers, relationships, excuses, success, cover ups, babies, lives.

Om and Hari.

Their dreams may be at the far ends of a rope, their journeys may be markedly different from each other's but their desire is common - to make it on their own!

What makes this even more tedious is their race against time in doing so. They are the dreamers, the strugglers, the under dogs, the go getters, the nerve wreckers, the charmers and....... they are You!


Paperback: 130 pages
Publisher: HALF BAKED BEANS (2015)
ISBN-10: 8192893634

REVIEW :-  I  got this book from the publisher, in exchange of honest review.
Now that is what i call a " GOOD BOOK"
Parul nailed it...The story fresh & unique..
with Typical indian style, i like the story very much, better from other indian authors.
kya baat..kya baat... kya baat...

  • Actor in hurry - Om Vats 
  • Actress in hurry - Harini aka. Hari Bhardwaj
  • Supporting Cast in a hurry for various reasons - Dhananjay Vats - to get his child married before he retired Rani Bhardwaj - to make her daughter marry the ' very lucky' Om

  • Supporting Cast (without any hurry) Meeraji Vats Shail Mohan Bharadwaj 
  • Actors in villon role - Niraj SirBobby Bhabhi
Summary of the book :-
Love is not always about finding the person who completes you & then living a life that is fulfilled
& prefect. Love could also be about  two people's journey in exploring on the way what they didn't know existed,which they havn't yet experienced  & being instrumental in each other's exploration of one's own self.
Hari & Om were about to fall in the later sort of love.
Both are doing arrange marriage.
Hari after taking upthe five year B.A LLB COURSE in Meerut University, broke all channels of meaningful communication with his father.Om was forced to live a life as a sidelined stranger in his own house because his brother were constantly fed against him by their father..
He too wished to be noticed & feel important & thats why he wanted to take part in a Reality Show.
On the other hand, Harini  has interest in sports & want to take part & win the match, so he asked Om.
Both have dreams in their live journey & want to fulfil them ,How can anyone stop them  from living their own dreams,A dream that has its foundations on so much hard works ,passion , commitment skill &  spirit.
Will they both able to succeed in it?...For that you need to buy this book.

Overall i am impressed by this book & the author's way of writing .
I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars  

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