Wednesday, 3 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW : KARNA- The Mortal God by Deepak Chandar

Over 3000 years of wait comes to an end. The KARNA cult, created by 12 standing disciples with one vision, gets to realize its goal.

The Heavens have heeded to their plea. The stage is set. The place chosen. Faced with extinction and eradication from the face of the Earth, Vattakottai and its people need more than a leader.

Unaware of the precarious future that is to dawn on the village, the people led a normal life except for the select few who knew what was coming.

The Legend KARNA is born.

What is the secret of KARNA's birth?

How many people sacrificed their lives, for him to come to Earth?

What are his 12 disciples?

What is Anathi?

Will he be able to make peace with his enemies?
Or has he come to War?

EXCERPT/ BLURB  :-  Category - Mythological
I bought this book from amazon.
Karna was deceived by his mother Kunthi & Lord Krishna. His mother failed to  give him birth right,his identitiy.
Ears ago , karna was died.
The story of Mahabhartha is an epic .
Over a peroid of time, some people fall in love with karna & prayed to come back again.
The second coming of Karna was worth the wait.
He will restore Humanity. People will adore & worship him.There will be blood.There will be war.
 The story takes us to the southern-most trip of India,Kanyakumari & THiruvananthapuram,state of kerala.

Myth has it in Mahabharta about an ironic character that lived the life of an Avatar in the earth plane.

This is not just another ORDINARY STORY OF MORAL LIVES. This is reincarnation of the legend KARNA.  

To read the entire story, you can buy this book. I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE THIS BOOK 4 OUT OF 5 STARS. NICE READ.

Grab Your Copy Of 'KARNA- The Mortal God'

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