BOOK REVIEW : Love, Again by Sumeetha Manikandan & Shrruti Patole Clarence

Life is tough, and it becomes tougher when you need to make life changing decisions. Would you dare to love again? Would you allow yourself to be loved and to be cherished again? Many of us turn away from life, thinking that it is not for them but some take a leap of faith rewrite their story for the sake of love? Love, Again is a double header book bringing you two stories about chancing love again -These Lines of Mehendi by Sumeetha Manikandan and A Tulip in the Desert by Shrruti Patole Clarence .


REVIEW :- Love, Again is a double header novel published by Half Baked Beans andFablery with two novellas – A Tulip in the Desert by Shrruti Patole Clarence and These Lines of Mehendi by Sumeetha Manikandan.

FIRST :- These Lines of Mehendi by Sumeetha Manikandan.
The story starts like this, Lalitha used to run her beauty parlour.
She had not seen Suresh, for almost ten years. She had gone to Banglore for his husband death.
she is feeling uncomfortable and worried .Would they blame her for his suicide?
There were many relatives sitting on the floor, crying and whispering.The body is lying on the floor.
A painful pang shot up her heart .She looked down at his body kept inside the icebox.
 He had betrayed her. He had left her for Nandini.The reason behind his death :- Suresh had taken around 30 – 35 sleeping pills in the night .
Now she to chennai, After everyone heard about her husband death , her business start to fall down,ruin.
The beauty parlour wore a desolate look. The once crowded reception of the parlour now had just one customer reading through old magazines.
Then came Shrikanth in his life.   He couldn’t argue with his sick mother for forcing him into a marriage that he would die to avoid.
He told her that " he was once engaged to a girl. They had just one month left for marriage when she eloped and got married to my best friend."

Lalitha is afraid of getting married again… getting hurt. Her business would pick up once she get married.
Soon after both become friendly & come close. In between Shrikanth went to US, for his mother's treatment. & deepa her ex returned in life., though she left her.
& In the end both Lalitha & Shrikanth fall in love & married   with each other.

Second:- A Tulip in the Desert by Shrruti Patole Clarence.
This is the story of Charmaine who was the only child of the Rai’s and was independent.This was the first time in her entire academic life that she was reading the history of Cleopatra.electing to specialize in ancient Egyptian history in her final year.
It was when she was in her secondary school that her father was offered a transfer abroad. Being in the Agro and Horticulture industry and into research field, Amsterdam was the best option.
Raj had come into the college and entered her life as a whirlwind. He had completed his education in India and just like her, had the passion for Egyptology. His love for nature, peace, calm.

Raj and Charmaine were visibly restless through the entire briefing session and their eyes constantly reached out to explore the temple entrance.
The archeologist, Mr. McGregor, was busy looking at the map
Destiny always has definite plans for everyone and they get reveled at the right time. There is a divine purpose in everyone’s life but as human beings, we tend to deviate from His plans, getting over confident in our own abilities. We fail to realize that man derives his power from ‘this’ divinity itself. Then how can we be above those powers!’ ‘It is best to live and let live’ he thought.

Then events starts taking place in the chamber.Raj and Charmaine, hand in hand emerging out of the smoke. The sight was magical.
After tears and smiles, they got ready to leave the temple.
Charmaine had just fought over history together with Raj and they had returned victorious. She was happy in her present and was looking forward to a great future with Raj.


Some Quotes from the book :-
“Destiny always has definite plans for everyone and they get reveled at the right time. There is a divine purpose in everyone’s life but as human beings, we tend to deviate from His plans, getting over confident in our own abilities.... 
From A Tulip in the Desert.” 
― Shrruti Patole Clarence, Love, Again

“With the first line of Mehendi, she forgot her troubles and delved into the beautiful world of checkered patterns and intricate lines.”

“My story! Didn’t you know? I was the poor stupid groom who was jilted at the altar.”
These Lines of Mehendi” 
“She found him handsome and attractive. There was something very comforting and reassuring about his deep voice” 

Overall i found this book interesting & gripping .Both the stories are good.NICE READ.
I would give this book 4 stars to 'These Lines of Mehendi' by Sumeetha Manikandan
& 4.5 out of 5 stars to 'A Tulip in the Desert' by Shrruti Patole Clarence.

Authors’ bio :- 
Sumeetha Manikandan is a freelance writer and an author who loves to write
and base her plots on the tambrahm community of Mylapore, Chennai. She is the author of ‘The Perfect Groom’ that has been a bestselling ebook on the top 50 charts of Amazon India ever since publication. 
Sumeetha Manikandan

Shrruti has been a voracious reader since early years and took to composing poems when she was very young. 
An Aviation Manager and 10years with various airlines, she has been on a sabbatical for her two son's aged six years and 1 year respectively. 
She enjoys this welcome break from career, to be able to pursue her passion, writing! 
She has to her credit 6 short stories featuring in different Anthologies all published this year, one of which will soon be seen as a short movie.
And Love, Again a double header romance Novel publish date 25th May 2015, with her story A Tulip in the Desert will soon be seen on the stands!


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