Wednesday, 3 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Lucid Dream 2 by Atul Mohite

Blurb: -
Suraj & Naina’s daughter reads the book ‘Lucid Dream’. She insists on knowing what happened next. Suraj & Naina, together unfold their story. How Suraj found the complete opposite side of the coin only a year later. He joined an institution, Vidya Bhavan, dedicated to the development of youth. He unveils a philosophy that he learned in Vidya Bhavan to guide his daughter for the career. It’s a book, dedicated to the passion & dreams that exist in every individual. 

Review :- Firstly, i would like to thanks to the author for sending me the ebook.
Its a short book of approx 50 pages
fast read & gripping.
I found the story very interesting & sweet.
This is the second part of Lucid Dream, the first part was released in 2011 which i havnt read or gone through.
Talking about the story,
So, the story continues after the first part of the earlier book whic was released
It had been a long time. Suraj & Naina were married with a daughter. They had named her
Sneha. It meant happiness. Indeed, she was the reason of their happiness. Sneha was strong in
academics & played tennis beautifully. After all, she was a blend of both Suraj & Naina‟s talents.
Naina got her father Suraj's book  „Lucid Dream‟  & started reading it.
& was curious to know from his dad why didnt he completed his engineering when he opted for reply Suraj starts telling her the entire story....

It was a very relaxing Sunday morning for the three. Naina showed her plans to dedicate it in the memory of good times. Suraj sighed and agreed to tell the story.
Suraj clutched Sneha‟s hand, kissed it, & began unfolding the events as they happened. He resumed from right where his daughter knew, his novel, Lucid Dream.

To read the entire story of the book, Go & buy it!

Overall , its a sweet read & reminds me about childhood. Its a must buy.

I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

Author Bio:-
 Atul Mohite is currently pursuing his graduation in Arts & aspires to be a Civil Servant. This is his second book in the series, Lucid Dream, published in 2011. Apart from writing, he is also passionate about lawn tennis, chess & music.

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