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Being born with the power of precognition proves to be a curse to Tia. Her predictions are misconceived and she is considered an evil spirit by her father. An alarming prediction of her mother's death shuns her from the life of her father completely. She lives with this guilt all her life feeling derelict and forlorn.

Tia despises the power of her sixth sense which would always envisage the impending calamities of her loved ones.

What Tia foresees next forces her to think that it was time for emancipation, as her prediction this time changes the course of everybody's life.

REVIEW : - I bought this book from amazon.
Firstly i would like to appreciate the author,for writing something different...hatke..

Tia is a girl who can see the unseen.
The story begins when Tia's mother dies,people have assembled  at Mr.Tandon Residence.Mr.Tandon cursed Tia & held her responsible for his wiife's Shalini' death.He could never imagine life without Shalini.
He never quiet understood Tia or her peculiar behaviour from her childhood.

Tia often wake up at night crying terrified about some nightmare she had seen.

Her mother, thinking it a normal symptom of child,would soothe her.
Tia is considered as 'evil' in eyes of his father,as though She is bringing misfortune to the family.

After losing his wife,Mr.Tandom grew bitter & built a virtual bitter & build a barrier around him.

In the next  chapter of the book , the childhood of Tia & His brother Neeraj is shown
Different incidents  which took place across,although sometimes Tia tried to helped her beloved ones & others through her imagination & unknown power which she got.,but its all useless sometimes.

Relationship between Mr.Tandon & His son Neeraj:
His relationship with his son was not gud.He wanted his son to be tough guy & was training him to get disciplined in his life to live life better,as life is harsh.But Neeraj was deprived from local things  like  to play,eat junk food,hangout with friends.Neeraj grow resentful towards him.
Neeraj would then direct all the petulance  towards his younger sister Tia ,who was easy target & bullying her on every occasion.

All together this book suites my taste & atleast i got something different to read from indian author,which i expected,the thinking of the author is broad & she took it to another level.But still couldnot reach upto the level of foreign authors.

I would like to rate it 4 out 5 stars. Must read guyz ,go & buy it! :)

Story of a little girl Tia who is cursed with a magical power. She could foresee the future. Read to unveil her journey.
The Prediction By Author Swarupa Chavan is available at: (Infibeam) ( ( (paytm)

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