BOOK REVIEW : Spilling Down the Wine Glass by Pushpendu Mondal

A clash between political parties turns wicked when the Chief Minister Shekhar Vajpayee is assassinated at a political rally in MMRDA Ground, Mumbai. The assassin, veiled by a stampede of thousands, escapes.

A series of political homicides ensue, and the police brush their hands off the case. Someone high up the ladder is calling the shots. 

Things turn twisted when three strangers lives' are entwined : 
Revathi Shekhar - a hot-headed, spunky politician’s daughter - in the search for a lifelong commitment.

Siddharth Roy Chowdury - a young, ambitious politician - ready to cross anyone to climb up the political ladder.

Arjun Rao - a heart-broken army soldier - with nothing to lose, yet vengeful. 

In Mumbai, where the factionless rule supreme, will these three stand up against evil ? Or will they be silenced, like many more before them ? 

Spilling Down the Wine Glass is a page-turner that will leave you desperate for more.

Paperback, 190 pages

Published May 23rd 2015 by Rumour Books India

REVIEW :- I got  this book from author in exchange of honest review.
There is lot of Politics in this book.
In starting, first few chapters story of Revathi & Jayanth is shown, how they meet in college.
He delightedly informed her about his presence as a candidate for Nationalist Youth League in upcoming elections.Revathi, who never shared any sort of attachment with politics ,was relieved to know that Jayanth as a party's new face will turn around some thousands of votes in favour of her father's party.

Siddharth Roy Chowdhary was six feet tall, well built  ,fair bengali boy who possessed sincere good looks subtle enough to give any female an earth shattering orgasm. Born to a rich business family money was his best friend, besides power & success.
The news of yet another political homicide shook the world. In last few hour, EVERY NEWS CHANNEL WAS RAVING with their coverage on the death of two promitant members of Rashtriya Janta Party.'

Later in 2013 when Revathi walked out from Jail , she found the Nationalist youth League had grown more powerful under the leadership of two-time Chief minister & Party Head.
After these first few chapters, i couldnt connect myself.

There are many characters in this book, which make me confused . 
I have to read individual topics & subtopics, to make me understand the story.

To Read the whole story...Go & Grab a copy of this book.
All together its a story of LOVE...POLITICS...REVENGE... I would rate this book 4.5  out of 5 stars. 

Praise For The Book :-  Spilling Down the Wine Glass is a page-turner that will leave you desperate for more.
Trust me, it wouldn't have been possible, if each one of you out there hadn't showered some wine over it. 
Shortlisted for the prestigious-nationwide 'Hachette-DNA Hunt for the Next Bestseller'

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