BOOK REVIEW : Stardust and Sheets by Saiber

“How did you know it was love?”
“It never really hurt this much before”

In her debut collection of poetry, Saiber intimately dwells into the magic of love, sparkled with the essence of life and loss. Each poem is crafted with inspiration from heartfelt emotions immersing the readers into a beautiful, haunting love affair with her writing. 

The book encompasses little romantic enigmas under the stars and in between the sheets all unique in its simplicity and honesty. The words touch the readers’ heart and resonate with them, epitomizing that they are not alone in the way they feel. Beautifully illustrated and tenderly inked, Stardust and Sheets will take you on a homeward journey to your heart and return you in between the stars.


REVIEW :-  I got this book from the publisher, in exchange of honest review & honest means honest  in my view .
The front page says that this book  is a collection of  love poems.
But in actual many  poems are short hardly 4-5 lines, we cant say it poems.
They are quotes .
There is no rythm  & some poems lack sense , no meaning to it.

Still i like 3-4 poems & quotes .Its beautifully written .
" Kiss me such that I shiver,
tremble & shake off all my insecurities.
kiss me such that I forget,
knowing you worship my body as someone who loves me. "

I told him
"I  see the stars in your eyes."
He said to me,
" You make them come alive" 

But Still
There are hardly around 70- 80 pages & it costs around Rs 175, which is bit over-priced .Not fair.

I would like to rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.
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