BOOK REVIEW :What SHE says? What He meant? by Aamir Khursheed & Richa Sharma


After 2 years of school completion when school friends sit for fun, playing, 'Truth & Dare', the unexpected happens. The epitome of Friendship and Love could not have taken any other worst path. The friend could never be so ingenious and the lover could never be so heartfelt deeply in love. Still, the crowd hears the story of laughs, love, lust changing into cries and yells. As a Beast of Lust, Vivaan ends up losing his best friends and love. Can Angad, his best friend save the relations?? Hear from a girl, 'What SHE says?' about a boy's life, 'What HE meant?' 

REVIEW :-  I got this book from the author in exchange for honest review.
The cover of the book is average.
As the Blurb clearly indicates, tell us about the story. This is a story of Friendship & love with many elements in it.Revenge ,lust ,hatred,jealousy,everything is there.

This Story is of school classmates who meet together again in get-together & started playing truth & dare game, and while playing this game, they came to know about certain secrets which will turn their life.
After  that in other part of the book, their college lyf is shown,when they enter into the college.

This book is a surprise package, with twists, what will come up next is  unpredictable .

I like the story. It took me a long time to read the whole book . 
I must say its a messy book, many characters are there which maked me confused sometime.
The authors have done a great job in entertaining the readers & creating a mesmerizing journey .
All together ,its a Roller coaster ride .A Must Read.
I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. Looking Forward to read more from the authors.

About The Author :- 
Aamir Khursheed: The powerhouse of ideas, Aamir Khursheed, has worshiped writing since his childhood. He is a resident of Chandpur (Bijnor) and grown up in the literature background. His love for poetry and fiction gives him an same sense of a perfect storyteller. He has teamed up with PB Cine Arts as a Scriptwriter also has proved his work as a theater artist.
Aamir Khursheed
Richa Sharma: A Chemical engineering student, Richa Sharma from Delhi shows up as a challenger and explorer working on self caliber. Along with her aim she keeps on pursuing her dreams. As an actor and dialogues & content writer she works under PB Cine Arts. Her art in writing and creative thinking allows her to promise her work in different genres.


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