Monday, 22 June 2015

BOOK REVIEW : You'll live again Let Me Die by Simson Biswal


You'll live again Let me Die is a heart rending true story about Robin, his dream and destination of love through poverty, trust, overwhelming desires, friendship, religions, misunderstanding, mistake and a sacrifice.

Yes. My dear readers its a story about Robin Das, a twenty years old common Indian. I said him Common because it has a reason. He is neither one among the great Icons of this land nor those personalities whom our world should remember for eras. He is just an unknown character, an anonymous, but the thing which gives him an importance that now we are reading his name because once upon a time he had a spark in him. The same spark which doesnt help million Indian minds to stay in rest in their adolescent. It runs in their brains at every moment and ignites to do something in life. Even in sleep as dream. And you know this is the only thing which keeps people awake and inspire them to make their names immortal. Can you say what this is?

Its the spark of Desire. The desire for achieve something, to do different and make people to remember you.

And we will remember him for his Desire for Love, for his Mistake and his Sacrifice.
Time to make our Love Immortal and it will come through only sacrifice.

REVIEW :- Firstly, i would like to thanks to the author,for sending me the book.
I really like the cover design of the book, Nice story line. As debut novel, the author has done a fine job.From the blurb itself, we can get an idea about the storyline.

The story is about the protagonist  Robin Das,  a 20 yrs old common Indian youth, who is a student of electrical engineering and the story revolves around him, his two best friends and his love life. Right from his first year engineering to find best friends in his hostel room mates, from his failed first love to the lesson learnt from it, from moving on to meeting his love again.

Its a love story, with emotions embedded in it...What happens when he meets his love after a heart break is what we have to find out.

" Love is not a whemsical temptation to fall in love, in fact, its a spiritual attraction between between two perfect hearts,its a duty to keep your promises,faith,trust and beliefs alive."

" Even though its practically too hard to understand the worth of love before such blindness of human mentality relinquish us away from the tangible sense, real satisfaction and divines of love. True love is equal to adore God even if it sounds hard to believe practically."

Though its a usual college love story , what I really liked about this book is its simplicity, the dialogues are well written ,the story line is good and there are many things to learn in this life journey. I would like to give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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