Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Book Tour :Hunter of Her Heart by Kaylie Newell

Spotlight Excerpt-Hunter of Her Heart

Candi turned to see a single headlight blazing toward her on the street. Scowling, she shoved her hands in her pockets and turned back around, picking up her pace.
The bike pulled up alongside her, its rider dragging one boot along the pavement.
“Hey, baby.”
“Don’t hey baby me, you son of a bitch.”
“I take it you’re mad."
Candi glared at the sidewalk ahead, refusing to look over. “Why would you think that?”
“Because you only call me names when we’re fighting or having sex. And we’re not having sex.”
“Go to hell, Zane.”
“Hey!” He pulled the bike up to the curb and cut the engine. She walked faster, her purse slapping her butt as she went.
Trotting up behind her, he grabbed her arm.
“Let me go.”
She might as well have been talking to a brick wall. Communication with Zane wasn’t easy when there was something he was set on. And right now he was set on her.
That was usually enough to make her want to step out of her panties and right into his bed. But not tonight. Tonight she
was ticked, wanting to level him with one well-placed punch.
“Not until you talk to me,” he said evenly. He’d brought her to a standstill on the sidewalk, but she still wouldn’t look at him. He smelled fantastic, but she wasn’t going to let that sway her either.
Putting two fingers on her chin, he tried to move her head, but she wasn’t having it. What she really wanted to do was kick him square in the balls.
“You think you can just turn on that charm whenever you want, and it’ll get you off the hook? Is that what you think?”
His fingers trailed lightly down her throat in response. She trembled, unable to help it.
“I’m sorry.”
“Save it,” she said, batting his hand away. Then she did look at him. A huge mistake. He was absolutely gorgeous. His long black hair hung loose next to his face. His dark
eyes glittered in the light of the street lamp overhead. There was a slight bruising along one pronounced cheekbone, something she’d normally stand on her tiptoes to kiss. He wore a faded leather bomber jacket, her favorite. It made him look dangerous. And she’d always liked that. Until now.
Wrapping her arms around herself as if to provide some kind of protection, she regarded him sadly. “How long do
you expect me to wait for you, Zane? How long is it going to take for you to change?”
His jaw muscles bunched. The Native American ancestry he shared with his brother Koda had never been more marked. He looked dark and sexy, and more than a little angry.

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