Some Silent Steps: to Attain Fulfilment in Love by Jitender Rishi Parmar

To be in love is an amazing feeling. You find yourself floating in the air of dreams even without the wings of patience. This delightful state of mind needs to be preserved in the happy house of our memories. And here is the preserved particle of this mesmerized experience. Unlike an autobiographical narrative, this book demonstrates our present time lovers and the terrible state they are in. In this modern day romance, where youth lingers between breakup and commitment, even if you choose to abide by a committed relationship, still there are certain inhibitions in your way to success.

And what if your commitment is contested by the family? What if there is a threat to your life in the name of honour killing? Read about the people who devised an escape route to attain fulfilment in love.

Set in DSD college, Gurgaon, SOME SILENT STEPS is the story of a few youngsters who insyead of following the trodden path of life, took some silent steps and changed the course of their respective love stories. An insightful story of love, longing and fulfilment, this romance has enough charm to possess you, hold your breath and make you a part of it.18331160


First of all a huge thanks to the author for sending me a copy of the book and secondly thank you for introducing me to such an amazing work.
I lyk the cover of the book ,its pleasing & attracts readers.
I found this book very interesting.From the blurb itself u will get an idea about the story.

There are may characters in this book...the entire magnetic group.

It has all the elements in it :- love, friendship, unity, joy, sorrow, problems, solutions and sacrifices etc.

Few lines from the book -
"How do you feel when you come to realize that the one you have been waiting
for you will leave you tomorrow ,not by chance ,but by choice?What if your love, as large and deep as seven seas ,suddenly betrayed by the absense of your mate?What if when you find that the one you have preserved your virginity for, not only physically but emotionally as well, will never come
back ?'

Ritika’s Love for Ambuj was also very beautifully defined. “Love happens not with the perfect one but to make someone perfect in the course of it”
That was happening with Ambuj, Shagun and Ritika. Vikrant and
Aparna’s love story was also sweet. Nitin and Jyoti’s story really made
me cry with the Shock.

All together i loved it...I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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