THE BLOOD OF WOLF BANE by joann harris

Once the bayou was think with it. The buttery yellow petals. The delicately veined green leaves. The seductive scent. of Wolf Bane. 
But for years the people of Ducros Parish. 
Louisiana have been free of the ancient root. And ots ancient evil. 
Now timy yellow buds are once again dotting the bayou. And fear sinks its roots deep into their souls. for when the wolf bane blossoms in springtime splendor the horror will be back in full flower . And Ducroa Parish will be a place of nightmarish terror.

The cats lay silent in their hidden places, waiting out the storm…and watching, as strange, misshapen creatures rose from out of the ground, cooing out of the dark swamps. The Beasts stood in the rain; they were not fearful of this rain, for they knew it had been sent by their Master. They stretched their arms and loosened their muscles. They had been asleep for a long, long time. And now they were free.
Huge, clawed hands waved through the wet air powerful jaws that dripped stinking saliva snapped at nothing. The fangs of the Beast were four to five inches long, and yellow. The creatures, well over six feet tall when erect, weighed between two hundred and fifty and three hundred pounds. Their eyes were small and evil, with Hell-sent hate shining bloodred. Their bodies were covered with thick, coarse hair.

The cats lay concealed and watched the Beasts as they stretched and growled. And the cats knew that the devil’s work had just begun….


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