Friday, 3 July 2015

BOOK REVIEW: A Known Stranger by Sarthak Kelapure



LIFE MOVES ON, so did Parth Shastri. Jumping from engineering to his profession of interest, he is living his dream. Set in the cellphone era, the story takes you up and down in Parth’s life of rage, friendship, office sleaze and relationship issues. 
When for his greed, he loses his family- he has his guide and mentor by his side to make sure he breathes in the fleapit. Caught between web of people; some haunt him and some haunt his yesterday. Can he confront the past? Can he get through his own web of lies?

REVIEW :-  The  first look of the book ,will give a feeling like its an  ordinary novel...But  as it say:- "Dont judge a book by its Cover" .After reading only some pages of the book, u will get u know that this is not an ordinary book, but an extra-ordinary book.
This is the story of  m Parth Shastri, 23 years old, 5 feet 10 inch,handsome, smart and perfect looking.Any girl would give him 5 number because the first four are her fantasy guys..
The story revolved around him .
Life goes on. It moves. We breathe. It moves. We cry. It moves. We change. It moves. We move and it goes on to breathe and to cry into change.

The story deals with the struggle of life & how to overcome it.Later his family problems, his struggles with career, his personal life is very successful in catching readers attention. 

I like the poems written by  the author 
Few lines were beautifully fit at right
"If you give something more than what is expected u gift them happiness and if u give less than what is expected u provide them sadness"

"Until you find oxygen u just breathe,later you live"
"Choose your past wisely because future is already chosen by your destiny".

Overall I  found the book very interesting to read. Looking forward to read more from the author.I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars.
About the Author :-
Sarthak Kelapure was born in New Delhi, India, and grew up in Nagpur. He is currently pursuing his Engineering in Electronics Design Technology from RCOEM, Nagpur. His first novel is the present sleeper hit of 2015. Currently residing in Nagpur, he looks forward for his readers to enjoy his work. To stay updated about him and his upcoming novels, you can find him at or @sarthakelapure (Twitter).

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