BOOK REVIEW: We're Corporates by Sudarsan Nagarjan

"Ajay, an experienced software professional, quits his corporate job and searches for other jobs to have satisfaction & happiness in life.

Meghna, a corporate fresher, couldn't bear the pressures in office, voluntarily absconds and accepts to marry for settling in life.

Suraj, a young passionate software developer, was fired from the company due to recession and looks his life bizarre.

Welcome to We're Corporates, an inspirational story about three people & their lives, which illustrates about mastering the challenges and raising in life with their own experiences."

REVIEW :- Firstly i would like to thank the author for sending me the book...I am really glad .
The cover is nice.
Talking about the book, the story is well written & crafted
It is a good read.The story is refreshing.It deals with daily day to day problems & how to tackle solve it.
It shows the journey of 3 people & their lives.Usually we all face such problems in lives.Job, career,to do something in life, to raise ourselves.

Suraj aim was to innovate and create new things.He never got lazy he always discovers new paths & learns the methodology to solve it with ease.On one hand ,he had his dream called programming and on the other hand,his family appeared before him. He wont able to figure out where his life was heading.

Ajay is a software engineer.He quits his job & now started searching for government job and bank jobs too.He wants to take a shift in his career because he badly wanted a break from IT to get a job where he could be happy & satisfied.

Meghna is a charming,fair looking modern young girl.She resides in Chennai. Meghna didn't have any future plans or goals in her life to persue it,left everything behind and just learned to live the moment.
After the lengthy discussion with Meghna , regarding her career, her parents have planned to arrange a marriage for her.

Overall I  found the book very interesting to read. Looking forward to read more from the author.I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.



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