Sunday, 26 July 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Beach Man (The Scorpio Beach Series Book 1) by Annabel Foxx


Kim is a former dancer, who feels trapped in a loveless marriage to a jealous wealthy older man. He blames her for crippling him in an auto accident that he himself caused. They live in a gorgeous beach house in the town of Scorpio Beach, an up-and-coming beach town on Long Island. 

Kim strives to make the marriage work, despite her husband’s blame, verbal abuse and bitterness. 

During a heat wave, Kim meets a wickedly handsome man on the beach. She fights not to want him, not to want a new life and not to fall in love. But Derek is seductive and irresistible—a former soldier who recently comes to town to start a landscaping business. Kim falls hard for him, and he becomes addicted to her. 

Although Kim wants a divorce, her husband finds out about their affair, and devises a plot to destroy them both. They must struggle to survive a web of lies, deceit and dangerous passion.* 

BOOK REVIEW :- I got this book in exchange for honest review.
This is a Steamy Contemporary Romance.
I found this book really interesting.The story is refreshing and you would love to read this book on the beach.
Its Hot, hot, hot!
The plot is unpredictable and there are twist in it.
Due to adult themes and sexual content, this book is recommended for mature readers.

Kim is married.Kim West Maxwell is a thirty year old former Broadway dancer. Ben is a fifty-eight year old wealthy real estate mogul and restaurant owner. Their relationship soon declined & there were fight  between them.

Kim watches a man walking with his Labrador on the beach,he was tall and in good shape.
He was barefoot, wearing khaki shorts and a blue T-shirt,
his long black hair combed back smoothly from his forehead.
He strolled along the edge of the tide . Derek has his own personality,he was hot,seductive which Kim cant resist.They both feel attracted towards each other.

I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. The author has done a good job.

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