Friday, 10 July 2015

BOOK REVIEW :The Dreamer...An unpredictable lover that couldn't say anything


Love does not mean having your mate on your side or does it? Can a guy love a girl in such an unpredictable way that she becomes his soul? Are all these ancient love stories like Romeo and Juliet fake? And if it is not, then can this kind of love happen in todays generation? Vivek is a guy with a slight scientific bent of mind, who always tries to perform experiments related to various fields of science. At a school function, he meets a meets a girl Shruti, who becomes his addiction, his princess, his angel, Goddess, the reason for his existence. He falls in love with her at first sight, handing over his entire life into her hands, Somehow, Vivek manages to speak to Shruti, then follows an addiction about her, a madness that knows no end. To prove his love for her, he designs a telescope to impress her. But four years later, a tragic change of fate enters their life. Shruti turns volte-face and refuses to even recognize or acknowledge Vivek. What is this story all about? Is destiny playing a game with Vivek? Or is Shruti playing a game with him? Or is there another angle? How will this love story end? Will Vivek win over Shruti, or will it remain an unfulfilled dream forever?

REVIEW :- ***I got this book from the author, in exchange for honest review***
I really like the cover of the book.The cover is quite attractive.
This is a heart touching story. Vivek’s love for Shruti completely makes you fall in love. 
Teenage is the age, when we do anything , without even thinking of it,what will be the outcome.
 No one can love a girl just like Vivek. 

Urge of Love is such a kind of thing that no one in the world can defeat; either they are human or other super natural powers. Love appears in many forms, every person in today’s generation is strongly affected by his or her love story.

Great people said that love is like heaven, but hurts like hell, I agree with this thought because for some lucky people love is like heaven, they start to get everything in life, but for some it is like hell, they start to lose everything in their life whatever they had or even their dreams although they are capable of getting their dreams.Destiny plays the game.

“Is zindagi se kabhi socha na tha ki ye shayar bana jayegi,
Jeene ka dikhawa karte karte pal pal mout mujhe aayegi
Dil to karta he loota du khud ko uski khushiyon ke naam par
Aye khuda use mere dil ki haalat naa jaane kab samajh aayegi...”

The Dreamer’ tells a story of this kind of unpredictable love that couldn’t do anything just because of the complexity of the situation.The climax was as expected and beautifully written,The author has done a good job.I would recommend this book to all true lovers.I  would give this book 4 out  of 5 stars.

About the Author :-
Vivek Jain, 22 years is an engineer, who is working as a PGT physics, in a CBSE school. He was brought up in the district, Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from writing, the author has a keen interest in conducting experiments related to different fields of science. Gathering knowledge related to space science, psychology, spirituality, and Jainism. He also loves to listen to soft music. His other interests are swimming, acting, cooking, travelling, and being on social network sites like Facebook. Recently, he is working on a science project. ‘The Dreamer,’ is his debut novel.

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