Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Book Review: EQUINOX by Madhuri Maitra


When Indus Publishers announces a short story competition, it affects the lives of the ensemble cast in unexpected ways. A jaded journalist, a bored housewife, a starry-eyed ambitious girl, an army colonel, an impoverished divorcee-all enter the competition for pressing reasons of their own. They emerge with only slightly deeper pockets than they had but far richer in experience. Social issues are explored in an engaging manner, entwined in the lives of the characters-this is indeed the way of life. The novel also promises an enchanting look at the diversity in India; the characters belong to different Indian states and embody the peculiarities of the people of that region. Equinox and its checkered characters step to music of their own; many readers will find that it resonates with their own inner music.

REVIEW :- I got this book from the author  in exchange for honest review.
The first look of this book ,give me a feeling that it would be interesting.
--->>> Title and the cover are apt for the book. 
As the blurb clearly indicates the story.

When Indus publishers announce a short story competition, many poeple from different parts of India , write their stories.Equinox.Well...Short Story, to be submitted by September 22,There was   prize money of Rs. 2,00,000 INR . So many people from different parts of India want to take part in it.Prize money of two Lakh was good.Not enough ,but good.It can't harm.And, how long would 3,000 words take anyway?
So everyone decided to write and set their brain into thinking mode.

* I like the book only in bits & parts.
* All authors can related this book to themselves.
* The book contains the  love letters, Wattsapp messages and of course the main story...

“To fall in love amidst the grime and heat of Mumbai and its depressing little spaces called for jubilation.”

“Shoe polish or something they put on their roomal and smell, madam. …They don’t feel hungry. Monica felt a jolt.”

“It was about khap justice, I think. What if the khap makes a compassionate decision, delivers a compassionate verdict, in favor of the woman? That would be lovely and different, and perhaps truly fiction. She smiled at the impossible.”

Dislike :- This book doesnot arouse my interest.
and some  somGrammatical errors are there .

Overall..i would give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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