Friday, 17 July 2015

BOOK REVIEW : Sons of Sita by Ashok K. Banker

Ten years have passed since Rama did the unthinkable and banished Sita. Now, she spends her days in quiet tapasya in the remote forest ashram of Maharishi Valmiki, even as her sons Luv and Kush grow ever more proficient at the arts of war. To the sorrow of many, they seem unlikely to ever cross paths with their estranged father. Yet destiny works in unexpected ways. Rama's growing ambitions and his war-mongering advisors motivate him to launch the Ashwamedha yojana. The mightiest Ayodhyan army ever assembled follows the sacred stallion in a campaign of conquest that seems unstoppable until a pair of improbable obstacles arise. Defying the military might of Ayodhya and the emperorship of Rama himself, two young striplings capture the Ashwamedha horse and challenge the great army. To Rama's chagrin the challengers turn out to be none other than his own estranged offspring: the sons of Sita! Don't miss the epic conclusion to the internationally acclaimed and bestselling Ramayana Series! 
Sons Of Sita

REVIEW :- I bought this book from amazon.
This is a story from Ramayana ,as everyone knows.
So here we are again in Ayodhya.
The ending of King of Ayodhya left Rama and Sita and the others back home in Ayodhya.The war of Lanka was won.Sita recovered.The exile ended.Rama presumably crowned and esconced on the sunwood throne.Sita pregnant with their children. And a world of possibilities ahead- all happy ones,we would assume.

While Sons of Sita does conclusively end the Ramayana Series,it also begins a whole new tale.One that doesnt simply continue but also slips sideways and leap forward in time in order linked series.
In short ,once you read this book, you run the risk of entering a maze of chambers.One leads to another to another and so on.Because there is definite end.But a long journey neverthless.A journey that will take you through the entire mythology,history,contemporary socio world of the indian subcontinent.
I would give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.A nice read.

About the Author :-
Ashok is an internationally acclaimed author of mixed-race and mixed-cultural parentage based in Mumbai, India. His Epic India Library is a lifetime writing plan that aims to retell ALL the major myths, legends and itihasa of the Indian sub-continent in an interlinked cycle of over 70 volumes. This includes the Ramayana Series, Krishna Coriolis, the Mahabharata Series, the contemporary thriller.

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