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BOOK REVIEW:The Outlander: Rise and Fall of an Empire (The God Trilogy #1) by Abhijit Haldar


"I am from a war. I will either end in one, or live it to fight another. It, keeps me going."

17 years after the Battle of Dert, a war had been waged by Wale over Dorin. The vengeance of Dercallume threatens the whole kingdom as he orders for a dragon-fire. The perished hopes of the outnumbered men of Dorin are revived when Roin Avon comes to the war with an oblivious sword, the Stalwart. Thought to be forged with a soul by alchemy, it is the mightiest weapon in the whole of Darthé that helps them to evade the war and run into exile. They head to the Frozen Kingdom for the Frozen Games, which if won, would let them the strongest weapon of the kingdom.

"Who am I? I am an Outlander. This is not what I should be."

Supposed to be the last Outlander of the Outlandish race who are people with half souls, Roin’s existence will prove threat to the rule. And with the unfulfilled vengeance of the mad-man, evil forces are allying and preparing for a war somewhere in the West.
Roin must confront the truth and find answers to his questions, and lead the comradeship of his fellowmen to the other kingdoms, while the darker minds are prevailing and aiming for a crown much craved for.

REVIEW :-  Firstly , i like the cover of the me a feeling that i am reading  a standard book.
Secondly, as the debut novel, i didnt expected that the author  would write so well, particularly at this age.
But he broke my misconception , the book is upto  the international level. ITS LIKE YOU ARE READING A FOREIGN AUTHOR BOOK  AND NOT INDIAN.
The story is amazing.
Wowww...what an awesome read.
The blurb clearly indicates the storyline.
This is the first part in the series- GOD TRIOLOGY...looking forward to read more from this series...

Talking  about the story, there is a map given before the story starts ,which gives an outline.

The Battle of Two Realms

"Just as the war has started, it will soon end, and take away lives”
A God cried hitting the gong hard giving off the alarm, or probably, warning. The people started running to their homes, dashing and pushing whoever they met in the way, creating a chaos. The children were crying insanely and running to find the shelter of their mothers, who too were doing the same.  The
Gods took their weapons and armours that laid off,Soon a bloodshed was about to start. 

The City of Kurmime 
“Try to make peace with your past so that it never spoils your present.”
The Cave of Urami was ahead of them, standing tall and elegantly, the same old rusted walls and worn out rocks. After being not used for years, it was the possible condition. Darkness was what lay ahead of it, but a dim light was at the end, enough to guide a man from the darkness. The gate was rusted too, clinging off the line, the face of a lady in a bad condition. Cobwebs and dried leaves covered most of it.

As a debut novel, the author has done a commendable job.There is revenge,sadness,courage, love, fear...all elements are added into it. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

About Abhijit Haldar :-
Born in the beautiful and scenic state of Assam, he started writing almost at the age of 8, with poems and short stories, and this passion burgeoned when he went on to write novels. With two unpublished novels, he has since then written a number of short stories, poems, articles et cetera which are often published in various magazines and websites. 

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