21 Things Every Teen Should Know by Divya Jalan

Teenage comes to all of us. It is supposed to be the best phase of our lives. The problem is, we apparently realize this only when we have crossed it. Why not live it full so we have no regrets as adults? This book attempts to throw light on issues, solutions and remedies that will make every teenager's life more fun!

All of us have been teens at some point of our lives. We are maybe now. We might be in a few years. We've already crossed it. But we all (maybe) admit. Life as teenagers was the best part of our lives, sometimes with a few regrets. We all go through problems. Sometimes exaggerate them and later realize how teeny tiny it actually was. Maybe have fights with our parents. Maybe fall in love but later realize it was mere infatuation or a crush. Maybe lose best friends due to tiny reasons.
Maybe are addicted to the Internet and social media. Maybe worry too much about our shape. 
Maybe are too pressurized to get good grades. (Trust me, it doesn't REALLY matter)
Maybe get forced into drugs and whatnot. We all have different bad experiences. 
But the nicer experiences are OH-SO-MUCH-BETTER. All those fun movies and road trips and experiments with ourselves. 

Basically, 21 things every teen should know have 21 articles or essay or whatever-you-want-to-call-it in it. Every one of those 21 refers to different topics. I was just 13 when I finished. But trust me; even I go through it once in a while when I don't know what to do. But then again, there are different points of view. I believe in 'prevention is better than cure'. I hope you read my book and live teenage with zero regrets.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. Recommended to all the teenagers and young readers.

About the Author: -
Fourteen year old Divya Jalan is a prodigious Indian teenager who has chronicled her wisdom on teenage life based on her experiences and learning from several sources. She wishes to inspire her peer group to live their teenage years combining fun and understanding so life is not a collection of regrets. The points she has covered range from building interests to dealing with bullies and striking long lasting friendships. Her writing is fresh and crisp and will definitely strike a chord with every reader who is looking for some inspiration to live life to their fullest.


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