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BOOK REVIEW: And The Heart Died by Aseem Srivastava

Life is very fragile and vulnerable to the end just as the rain that can stop any moment. Every breath we take has the potential to be our last; every heartbeat can be the last beat we feel. Just a single blow, a fraction of second can crush your life along with the saved dreams and future. Nature tests Ashwani and Suman in the form of the cloudburst incident at Kedarnath. People show their ugliest version when fear of death alarms them. Both of them are trapped with four other people in the ugliest scenario possible. Will they fall for each other’s ugliest version? Will they be strong enough to fight nature and survive?

Extract from the Book :- 

I looked at the clock, it was 1 of night. Then I saw a girl standing right in front of a sculpture of God, most probably praying. Throughout my entire life, I had worshipped God but never prayed him for something in demand. Asking God to fulfil any of your demand is a stupid thing. God knows what you want and everything just because he is God. Reminding him about it is like telling Sachin Tendulkar that he is a cricketer. But I had already done so many stupid things in my life so why not risk another? So I closed my eyes and asked God to made things the way they were..

BOOK REVIEW :- I got this book from the author in exchange for honest review. 
As we can see from the cover of the book, this a love story. Its a heart touching story.Its emotional & it really touched my heart. The story revolves around Ashwani  and Suman .Both Ashwani  and Suman fell in love with each other, but there  were situations where they have to sacrifice and move on. 

Life is an unpredictable journey. But like every journey , it has to end at a certain point. In this story, we come across many adventures and bigger journeys. 
God has its own was to forgive, punish, challenge and all.  Right since childhood, Ashwani wondered about God.
LIfe is too short to be wasted crying ,planning, and saving smiles for the future,while there is a whole bunch of entertainment out there waiting just for you to kiss ,smile and laugh.

There is so much romance filled in this book. I cant even imagine.Each and every line ,paragraph make me feel like real .

Some lines from the book :- 
Love is a very overqualified word. We define love with the same meaning for everyone and every age. But love has the most versatile definition. But love is corrupted by movies, spoiled by TV series and polluted by social media.

A lot of money! A lot of reputation! The praise of my greatness that I never got! They were very tempting. Every beautiful thing is so tempting that we get blindfolded about the bad effects they can have. 

They say that the gap between the lips and the nose is where an angel touches a baby just before its birth. Thus the baby comes to life. But she was an angel. I wondered who touched that part of her and she came to life.

How much can a decision like choosing a wrong train affect the entire life? Introducing a pure love story motivated by will but corrupted by law and lust for money.

As a debut novel, the author has done a good job. Congratulations to the writer. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. A beautiful must read novel. 

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